Here Is A List Of Things Women Can Do And STILL Be Outraged By Trump’s Sexist Comments

There seems to be much confusion among Trump supporters about what women can do while still being outraged about Donald Trump’s comments where he spoke about kissing women without consent and how he likes to “grab ‘em by the pussy.” You see, Donald Trump thinks that because he is rich and powerful he can have his way with women. Women en masse have disagreed.

His supporters have responded to his hideously vile comments with things like, “How can women who read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ be outraged by a “man being a man?” I’ve even seen memes of Miley Cyrus dancing and these same people saying she couldn’t possibly have an opinion about Trump’s comments because she “pretends to have sex on stage.”

Well, dear brain-dead conservative ones, it is possible because there is a little thing called consent. Oh and fictional books or performances on stage are not real life.

So, here is a list of things women can do and still be outraged by Donald Trump’s admittance of sexual assault. Women can:

  1. Read “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
  2. Watch “Magic Mike” movies.
  3. Masturbate.
  4. Have sex toys.
  5. Have sex.
  6. Have kinky sex.
  7. Have one sexual partner.
  8. Have many sexual partners.
  9. Dance provocatively.
  10. Say words like “fuck” and “cunt” and “twat.”
  11. Have a husband who watches porn.
  12. Watch porn, too.
  13. Star in porn.
  14. Wear a low cut top.
  15. Wear short shorts.
  16. Wear a bathing suit.
  17. Wear a string bikini.
  18. Do a strip tease.
  19. Be naked.
  20. Be fully clothed.
  21. Work as phone sex operator.
  22. Sext.
  23. Have an abortion.
  24. Have two abortions.
  25. Have zero kids.
  26. Have a bunch of kids.
  27. Breastfeed in public.
  28. Be a lesbian.
  29. Be straight.
  30. Be married and divorced and married again.
  31. Forgive a cheating spouse.
  32. Not forgive a cheating spouse.

This list could go on forever. Consent is key. What Donald Trump described is sexual assault. Groping and kissing women for whom he wasn’t in a relationship with and had no consent prior to violating them IS sexual assault.

And, therein lies the problem.

This idea that women must be as sexually pure as white snow or otherwise be public property for groping and ogling only plays into rape culture. Women can be sexual beings, read erotica, watch porn, have a say over their own bodies, and still say no. Go figure.

Featured image via video screen capture from SNL Amazon Mother’s Day Ad 

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