Here Are 5 Ways Obama Saved Our Veterans From Republican Indifference In 2015

An often misunderstood concept is the Republican love of U.S. military veterans. While they do love them, they don’t really love them the way they want you to believe. They love making veterans by sending people to war, but the thing they enjoy the most is ignoring them when they come home.

Democrats have a different outlook on things. We have radical ideas about making sure those who carry injuries from their service can get proper healthcare when they come home. We also think that the rest of the country owes them for stepping into harms way for us. Strange ideas, right?

President Obama got a tremendous amount done for our veterans in 2015, much of which went unreported. Meanwhile, the only thing Republicans did was work to sabotage him at every turn.

1. Obama has the crazy notion that the best thing you can do to help the issue of injured veterans is to not send them to war in the first place.

President Obama announced in December of 2015 that the U.S. is not going to engage in another bungled ground invasion to counter the ISIS threat in the Middle-East.

You know, when I said no boots on the ground, I think the American people understood generally that we’re not going to do an Iraq-style invasion of Iraq or Syria with battalions that are moving across the desert.

President Obama has the actual courage to stand against war hawks and speak the truth about a history of American failed military policy. We love him for it. Choosing not to engage in another multi-year and outrageously expensive military waste of time guarantees that so many of our military personnel do not end up in the ranks of the dead or permanently injured.

2. As of 2015, President Obama has reduced the number of homeless veterans by 50 percent.

Under a program called Opening Doors, President Obama drastically reduced the amount of homeless veterans across the nation between 2010 and 2015. The program was managed through Housing and Urban Development, with a lot of the credit for its success going to Julian Castro.

Zeeshan Aleen, of wrote:

The most striking long-term plunge, though, has occurred among one specific segment of the homeless population: veterans. Homelessness among veterans declined by 35%, and over a shorter span of time — between 2009 and 2015. The number of unsheltered homeless veterans across the nation has plummeted by 50% in the past four years.

3. President Obama raised our soldiers’ pay.

One of the biggest “no brainer” ways to help our veterans is to make sure that they are paid well while they are still active duty soldiers. President Obama ensured that our veterans had a more stable post-service life by giving them the financial support they deserved when he raised their pay by the largest margin since 2010.

The pay increase is set to take effect on January 1st, of 2016, and will raise the pay of all federal employees. Civilian employees will see a 1 percent raise while active duty members are going to see 1.3 percent.

4. President Obama is going to provide in-state tuition for higher education for our veterans and their families.

All recent U.S. military veterans and their families will be offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities in all 50 states. The White House said that this effort is part of the President’s “steadfast commitment” to military families and was made to ensure veterans have the best access to higher education. The amount of help that this single policy gives goes well beyond just the cost of tuition. A higher education suited for civilian careers can directly cut at every other issue facing our vets, from homelessness to health care.

5. President Obama and his family made a personal example of service, by feeding homeless veterans on Thanksgiving

It might seem a lot less important since it is only serving up local meals to people in need, but this is exactly the attitude that allowed President Obama to help our veterans as much as he did. President Obama and his family chose to make it their personal responsibility to help our veterans in need.

While Republicans claim they love the troops, they actively work to block assistance for them at every turn. Even if Obama wasn’t able to get accomplished what he did, he still did this one thing which is more than so many “pro-veteran” conservatives will do in their entire lifetime.

Thank God we have President Obama. Without him, the thought of where we could have been is scary to say the least.

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