Here Are 4 Facts That Will Piss Off Republicans This Election Season

During campaign seasons and also in between them, Republicans usually focus on four general issues, each of which they claim as examples of why their candidates should be elected. And not just candidates in stump speeches and campaign ads, either, but the Fox Fans and online trolls also whine about these same topics.

The economy. Gun rights. Their typical “family” and “morality” arguments that reek of homophobia. And toss in some anti-Obamacare while you’re at it, of course.

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As the next campaign season rolls in, though, the flock will need to find other topics to groan about, because their arguments in each of those four topics are going belly-up. See for yourself below:

1) The Brightness Of Our Economy Under Obama

President Obama took the country out of a long recession that was planted by the mishandling of the Bush Administration. Now unemployment is continuing to decline and Americans are making more money. The inflation rate is down considerably too, which has helped the Consumer Confidence and Consumer Sentiment indexes grow. The stock market has more than doubled in value, as well.

With all these records of success, the GOTea and its flock definitely won’t be able to include the topic of the economy in their battle plan.

obama v bush

2) Background Checks DO Save Lives

Some ammosexuals still argue that stricter laws won’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Lately, though, the media is more frequently reporting the opposite. States with stricter gun laws have significantly fewer gun-related deaths.

Consider Connecticut, for example, which first enacted stricter gun laws in 1996. State legislators required everyone in the state to get a purchasing license before getting a gun; to get that license, applicants had to pass a background check and take a safety training course.

And since then, the number of gun deaths in Connecticut dropped by 40 percent. An in-depth study on that law, recently released by the American Journal of Public Health, credits it for saving an average of 30 lives every year in just that one small state. Applying Connecticut’s small population on a scale with the entire U.S., and this could amount to over 2,600 homicides prevented every year if these simple, common sense laws were applied nationwide.

Even better, making those ammosexuals stand out in ignorance even more, 92 percent of Americans support stricter background checks.

3) More People Have More Affordable Insurance

After 2015’s first registration period closed, only 9 percent of Americans were still without health insurance. That’s a record low. The annual cost increase for health insurance was a record low, too, with a mere 3.2 percent in 2015. Premiums even decreased in 14 states.

While some so-called media are claiming drastic cost increases for 2016, the actual projected cost increase is only 4.1 percent – still far, far below the annual percentage increases recorded before ACA went into effect, like 2011’s 8.5 percent increase. And don’t forget that annual insurance premiums more than doubled during George W. Bush’s presidency, averaging almost 14 percent in cost increases every year.

4) The Success Of Gay Marriage

The funniest flaw in the “marriage only between a man and a woman” argument from the so-called “Moral Majority”? The states that are highest in objection to gay marriage on moral/religious terms are the same states that rank highest in porn viewers. The fatal flaw to their argument, though? Gay marriages are stronger and longer-lasting than straight marriages.

You see, gay couples (both formally married and in legally-binding civil unions) have a divorce rate that’s roughly one-half that of straight couples. That’s because they are more likely to openly communicate with one another in comparison to male-female spouses, psychological studies by The Gottman Institute find. Their arguments are more respectful and open, even using humor on sensitive topics, while straight couples tend to be much more defensive and angry in such discussions.

And that really gets the gut of the conservative husband-cheaters and wife-beaters, now doesn’t it?

If Republicans hope to get anywhere in the 2016 election cycle, it looks like they’ll need to find different subjects to complain about.

Featured image from Focus Forward

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