Here Are 12 Tweets Trump DEFINITELY Regrets Sending

As you are probably aware, Donald Trump loves to tweet. He loves it more than he loves Vladimir Putin which, according to him, is a lot.

While Trump doesn’t publicly express regret — ever — he probably has had second thoughts about at least some of his tweets — like this one about leadership.

After Trumpcare once again failed to happen because Republicans couldn’t come up with a workable plan if it saved their lives (like Obamacare has for so many), Trump said he was just going to let the Affordable Care Act fail. “I’m not going to own it,” he pronounced.

He also used to criticize Republicans for trying to gut Medicaid and Social Security.

These days, Trump is all about doing exactly those things.

Trump probably also isn’t too fond of the fact that he sent out this tweet criticizing President Obama for  allegedly failing to accomplish things and stuff. After all, he had “full control” for two years. “He can never take responsibility,” Trump said at the time.

Now, almost five years later, he is desperately avoiding taking responsibility for his own failures despite having complete control.

Speaking of control, Trump criticized Obama’s alleged weakness with regard to Russia of all places in 2014.

Now, he’s rubbing Vladimir Putin’s back in public and engaging in long intimate meetings his own wife can’t break up. But he’s tough on Russia. Totally tough. I mean, it’s not like he’s ever publicly fantasized about Vladimir Putin being his bestie or anything…


Then, of course, there’s this one. Trump is going out of his way to destroy our relationships with various world leaders and is currently pushing us into a war with North Korea, an ally of both Russia and China:

At one point, speaking of Obama’s non-scandals often promoted by Fox News, Breitbart, and Trump’s other trusted media sources, Trump posed the question: “Can we handle another” scandal in D.C.

Now, his administration is plagued by numerous actual scandals (usually involving Russia) often reported by the “FAKE NEWS” (sources he doesn’t like) media like, um, CNN…

Boy, that one is probably embarrassing for him given his numerous attacks on the Fraud News Network or whatever he’s calling CNN these days.

One of those FAKE NEWS stories he complains about is that he spends a lot of time playing golf — something he used to complain about the President doing.

Now, we spend millions so he can go golfing at his own properties on a regular basis.

Trump also used to complain that Obama wouldn’t release his records to the public — specifically, his birth certificate and college records to prove he wasn’t born in Kenya (a lie The Donald used to push).

We can’t even get The Donald to release his taxes, something every other presidential candidate (and indeed President) in recent history has done.

Trump is crazy and incompetent — someone most of the world thinks should not be in charge of our nuclear arsenal. Embarrassingly, Trump agrees. Well, he agreed when the leader in question was not him.

But at least Mr. 45 is with the rest of us when it comes to the need for a leader who isn’t laughed at by the entire world, someone who is “truly great” and knows how to win.

…Someone entirely unlike him.

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