Head ‘Oath Keeper’ On Open Carry Rally: Expect To Be Arrested – Sorry, I Can’t Make It

The Speaker of the Washington State legislature recently put in place a rule banning firearms from the chamber’s gallery.  The extremist group ‘Oath Keepers’ and its President, Stewart Rhodes, are not at all pleased.

They are planning a protest over the rule.  In a letter to his followers, Rhodes said:

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You can go into the Gallery of the legislature with the others who intend on using civil disobedience against the new rule put in place by the Speaker of the Legislature, that bans the open carry of firearms in the Gallery for the first time in WA state history (and make sure they know this is only a rule by the speaker, not even a law).

That dastardly speaker.  How dare he make such a rule?  Why on earth would he do such a thing?

About two weeks ago a group of ammosexuals from a gun-rights rally brought loaded weapons into the gallery, some with rounded chambers.  One meathead even discharged his weapon into the gallery floor.

The rule was approved by the House and Senate in Washington and posted on the chamber doors.

So, Oath Keepers, you caused the rule by being stupid.  Now you oppose the rule to stop people from being hurt by your stupidity.

Think about that, take as long as you need.

Rhodes has urged his followers to demonstrate peacefully, reach out to police and let them know they don’t like rules, and to be prepared to be arrested.

Hmmm…Load your weapons, bring them where they aren’t welcome, approach police and expect it won’t go well.  What could possibly go wrong with such an ingenious plan?

From Rhodes’ letter:

Members of Oath Keepers, I fully support this rally and planned peaceful civil disobedience and I encourage you to attend if you can. However, I want to make it clear that each of you have multiple options here:

1. You can go and simply participate in the rally (and you can choose to do so armed or unarmed – personally, I would be armed, since it is an open carry rally, but that is an individual choice).

2. You can go and outreach to the police and encourage them to respect and protect the rights of the protesters. That is a vital task that we Oath Keepers are pretty good at, and we should be doing that.

The third option was the one posted above, which encourages people to carry their weapons where they are banned, risking armed confrontation with police and arrest.

This guy Stewart Rhodes sure is a patriot.  He’s willing to be just like those founders who threw caution to the wind and got themselves massacred in Boston.  He’ll toss all the tea into the harbor he can get his hands on.

He would, but he can’t make it that day.

Oh, jeez guys.  Go ahead and lock and load and risk the safety of yourselves and the general public without me, I have family, uh, stuff to attend to:

You can do any one of the above, or all of the above. Personally, if I was able to be there (I am handling a family emergency at the moment that keeps me from attending), I would do all three.

It seems there are some things more important than taking an hour or two to keep your oath, huh Stewie?

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