HE WENT THERE: Fox News Host Insults Trump Surrogates In WORST Imaginable Way (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is best known for his “conservative comedian” shtick on the Fox shows Red Eye and The Five, where he takes pot shots at any and everyone to the left of Sean Hannity.

However, this campaign season Gutfeld seems to be having some difficulty getting with the “program” and falling in line behind the Republican presidential nominee, like 98 percent of his colleagues have managed to do.

The reason Gutfeld can’t seem to digest the Donald Trump Kool-Aid might just be that he’s too much of a comedian (not a very good one but still) to ignore the absurdity of Trump’s campaign and those who support it.

It’s like a cat chasing a string or a dog chasing a car; Gutfeld may just be incapable of helping himself when it comes to making fun of the absurd.

And let’s face it — you can’t get more absurd than a narcissistic orange tanned hot-headed billionaire presidential candidate who makes up his own facts on a day to day basis, makes hundreds of hand and facial gestures when he speaks and believes that every woman in the world secretly wants him.

It’s just too much to ask.

On Thursday Gutfeld put Trump’s surrogates on blast for continuing to defend Trump’s indefensible behavior, namely the multiple surfacing allegations of sexual assault following the now infamous 2005 Trump video, in which the billionaire was caught on a hot mic bragging about how he sexually assaults women.

Gutfeld said that he found it amusing how Trump is still denying the allegations because “he already confessed” to Billy Bush (the person Trump was bragging to in the 2005 video) and Howard Stern. The host also found the “it’s just locker room talk” explanation to just be fuel for “the worst assumptions of modern feminism that all men think like this, all men sit in locker rooms and say this crap.”

Then Gutfeld addressed the delusional Trump surrogates who go out day after day defending their candidate’s insane words and actions. The Fox host called them the worst thing you could call any Trump supporter and something that could get a person beaten or shot at a Trump rally or Ted Nugent concert.

“Ironically, he’s turning all of his surrogates into Hillary Clintons, because they’re forced to stand by him. You’re not supposed to stand by somebody who does something wrong. Loyalty becoming fealty is immoral,” Gutfeld said.

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It might be a  safe bet that the Trump campaign will not be sending any surrogates, let alone their candidate, to engage with Gutfeld anytime soon.

Featured image via YouTube.

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