Have You Seen What Diversity Looks Like To Republicans? This Picture Says It All (Image)

When Ben Stein said, “Republicans are for blacks more than any other party in history,” GOPers nationwide shook their heads in agreement.  How could they not?  The party that is more than 90% white has pledged to expose all black leaders and politicians as racists against white people for the betterment of black people everywhere.

When it comes to Latinos, the GOP doesn’t even bother trying.  They are all illegals trying to steal your paychecks in the form of free government stuff.  The Democrats are pushing for amnesty because they want their votes.

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Then, of course, there are women.  How any woman could possibly side with a Republican for any reason defies logic, as the entire party seems hell-bent on controlling their healthcare decisions, vilifying them for wanting to take time off to raise a child and keeping their wages under 80% of what a man in the same job earns.  Add to that the incessant rape-shaming of the Christian right and you have a party that basically only appeals to old white men, redneck rubes who are openly racist, and the rich and powerful who pull their strings.

This picture illustrates the diversity of Republicans in the US House of Representatives:

rep house

Sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

The 114th Congress is 80% white.  That may sound about right considering 77.7% of America is white.  That means adequate representation, does it not?  While republicans may tell you that’s true, it’s not their party that makes it so.

These charts, courtesy of Talking Points Memo, show that without Democrats, women and minorities would have virtually no representation in the House.  While the Senate may fair a little better, the GOP has to add people like Ted Cruz, a science denying Christian zealot from Canada, to get their Hispanic tally up:

The next time a Republican tells you their party is all about diversity, remind them that the only time they ever use the term “racism” is to aim it at Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and President Obama.

H/T: Talking Points Memo | Image: vapingo.com

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