Hateful GOPers: Hillary Clinton Unqualified Because She ‘Couldn’t Satisfy’ Her Husband (IMAGES)

The GOP base, accustomed to voting for low-hanging fruit, loves to show just how little a person has to achieve to be in their good graces. Hillary Clinton has never been on their list of favorite people.

Everyone knows that the right-wing extremists refuse to let go of the notion that Clinton personally murdered four people in Benghazi and had anyone associated with Whitewater summarily executed.

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Those things are, of course, preposterous. The latest chic way to disapprove of the former First Lady it seems is to attack her for the only thing typical Republican bottom-feeders think women are good for:

That’s right, America. Hillary Clinton couldn’t possibly be qualified to be President of the United States because she “couldn’t satisfy her husband.”

Misogyny is disgusting enough without taking it to this despicable level. Hillary Clinton’s qualifications include a Jurus Doctorate from Yale, eight years as First Lady, United States Senator and Secretary of State, but none of that matters because apparently SHE is to blame for her husband’s indiscretions.

It always starts with one particularly ignorant guy with a sign before it becomes a conservative internet sensation.  Posted on the hate page Stop Hillary in 2016, this photo turned meme is spreading like wildfire.

As always, comments on the post are generally supportive of this ridiculous narrative:


“Heard it said?”  Heard it said that whenever a strong woman is poised for a position of power the GOP base decides she’s a lesbian. Is that true? Playing by your rules it doesn’t have to be.


Your comment makes me sad for the women in your life.


Yet another reason the haters of the GOP don’t see her as qualified.  She doesn’t fit the bill of a Fox News anchor.


Dumb question aside, I can tell you that no intelligent, independent woman would want that from you.


Yeah, had to add it for good measure. Not gonna bother commenting, other than maybe it’s time to do a little reading.

This post is so disgusting there are actually a few Republican women (an oxymoron by definition) who actually expressed their dislike for this message. There are also a whole slew of liberals letting the pond-scum on the bandwagon’s wheels know just how ludicrous, crass and disrespectful this garbage is not only to Mrs. Clinton but to all women.

All images are screencaps of public posts on the Facebook page Stop Hillary in 2016 | Featured Image: salon.com

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