Hasta La Vista, Baby! Arnold Schwarzenegger Ditches Trump And Endorses John Kasich

As the newly anointed head honcho of Celebrity Apprentice it would seem a foregone conclusion that Arnold Schwarzenegger would endorse his longtime friend and reality show predecessor, Donald Trump, for president. However, much to the surprise of media pundits this week, the man known by many for the line “It’s not a tumor” demonstrated a modicum of intelligence by taking a pass on backing the quasi-fascist Trump and publicly endorsing Ohio Governor and the sanest Republican candidate left in the race- John Kasich.

Schwarzenegger, the one-time Governor of California, much like Trump easily gained popularity with voters across the political spectrum not because of any real campaign savvy or knowledge about the issues but based on his pure star power. Maybe because of his own trials and tribulations in office, Schwarzenegger recognizes Trump is unfit to serve as Commander and Chief and would be better suited to remain in the seedy world of brokering backroom deals from the Penthouse of Trump Tower.

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Whatever the reason for the endorsement, Schwarzenegger was not shy when praising Kasich, calling him “an action hero when he went to Washington,” and gloating,

This is the land of opportunity; it is the greatest nation in the world, no matter what anyone says out there,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said. “And we need John Kasich to now take charge and be at the White House.

As the Republican Primaries reach a fever pitch, and the four remaining candidates jockey for position, Kasich seems to be the only adult in the room. Is this a case of slow and steady wins the race? Will Kasich’s calm demeanor will eventually seize the day? I don’t think so, for if recent Republican politicking has taught us anything, it’s that the loudest, most bombastic guy in the room is usually the one conservative voters gravitate towards, and unfortunately there is no one in the political arena today more bombastic than Donald Trump.

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endorsement of John Kasich on ABC News via YouTube:

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