Harvard Professor Who Taught Ted Cruz And President Obama Weighs In On Who Is Smarter (VIDEO)

It’s difficult sometimes to reconcile with the fact that people like Ted Cruz, Michele Bachman and Ben Carson not only went to college but managed to excel in their courses and even graduate with honors. The amount of intelligence, for example, that Ted Cruz has to possess to have gotten into Harvard Law says that in theory, this man should be brilliantly flawless with his reasoning and ability to argue.

Then something magical happens. They leave school and join the full-time ranks of the Republican party, dropping their sensibilities at the door and opting for God to take over and run their states (or hospital wards) for them. Cruz is the perfect example. Professor Laurence Tribe, a brilliant man who has over the years taught many of our country’s finest lawyers, judges and politicians, admits that Cruz was very smart and that he got an A in his class.

Unfortunately, the praise came as Cruz was being scolded for claiming an absolute answer to his Canadian immigrant status and the legality of his being a “naturalized citizen.” Cruz has his own idea, and Tribe gives him an incomplete on his answer.

Tribe then goes on to talk about how he also taught President Obama and that while Cruz was a good student, Obama was smarter and better. Its 15 seconds of quality “f*ck you, Ted Cruz” that you really don’t want to miss.

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