Harry Reid Outs Islamaphobe Ben Carson’s Ignorance With A Muslim Tombstone From Arlington (VIDEO)

If there is one thing that has worked exceptionally well for the United States over the years, it is the way our wall of separation between church and state has kept the country from the religious factionalism that grips some nations, particularly the lesser developed ones. As everyone knows, in recent times Republicans have been doing their best to draw lines of division between people of various faiths, and even between different denominations of Christianity. But what GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Meet the Press about whether a Muslim American should be president of the United States completely crossed all lines of decency. Now, Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid is calling Carson out.

In a Facebook post with an accompanying photo, Reid lays bare the anti-Muslim bigotry of Carson, and calls it what it is — vile and hateful. In the process, Reid calls attention to something that Carson, and his Republican cohorts as well as their followers, will not acknowledge. Loyal Muslim Americans serve their country in various ways every day. Some, such as Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, even give up their lives in their service to the country.

Below is what Senator Reid had to say about Carson’s remarks:

Harry Reid Post

Carson ignores the fact that not too many decades ago, John F. Kennedy’s loyalty to the United States was questioned. Like Khan, Kennedy served his country with distinction in the military. Unlike Khan, Kennedy lived to tell of his experiences. In Kennedy’s case some protestants were questioning whether he, as a Roman Catholic, could make decisions as president without being influenced by his church. Many good Americans were shocked at the attacks Kennedy faced due to his religion, and many should also be shocked today by men of questionable character, such as Ben Carson, suggesting that a person cannot both be a Muslim and a loyal American.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there were officially 3,409 Muslims in the U.S. armed forces as of April 2008, and that number is probably higher, due to the fact that recruits are not required to divulge their religion. And Kareem Khan is far from the only Muslim soldier buried at Arlington National Cemetery. In the brief video below, from 2009, Akbar Ahmed visits the cemetery, and learns about some of the Muslim-American soldiers who are buried there.

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