Hannity’s Big Expose With Clinton’s ‘Fixer’ Is The Serial Liar Known For ‘Bat Child’ Tabloid (VIDEO)

Sometimes every criminal needs a “fixer.” Think Winston Wolfe in Pulp Fiction. Or Mr. Kaplan on The Blacklist. Criminals occasionally need someone to take care of their problems and clean up the messes they leave behind. So it should come as no surprise that Fox News is claiming Hillary Clinton has a fixer.

Sean Hannity, whose pathetic devotion to Donald Trump and his hatred of Hillary Clinton are making him an embarrassment, even on Fox News, interviewed the man who is claiming he has been Hillary’s fixer on Monday evening. And who is this alleged behind the scenes player? It’s a guy named Jeff Rovin.

That bastion of American journalism, The National Enquirer, did a full interview with Rovin, which included shocking claims that he had set up sexual liaisons for Hillary, and that it was a well-known secret that she was having an affair with Vince Foster. Foster, the deputy White House counsel who committed suicide in 1993, has long been believed by many on the right to have been murdered on Clinton’s orders. And the tabloid offered photographic “proof” that Rovin’s story is on the up-and-up: two laughable photos of Rovin inside and outside the White House, with no one else in the picture, which were probably taken when he was on a tour.

Rovin joined Hannity to talk about his alleged role, and he told the host he wanted to tell a “less hyperbolic” version of his story. So he didn’t go into things like these:

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OK, admit it. You just had your WTF? moment of the day. Jeff Rovin is the former editor of Weekly World News. In other words, he is one of America’s most accomplished liars.

The Daily Beast offered this gem from the paper, written by Rovin in 2005:

“National, international, and even interplanetary events are being suppressed. Newspapers, television, and the internet are feeding us what dolphins call ‘meep… meepahh… marp’—Literally, lies as deep as the ocean.

“When the government tries to cover up visits from space aliens and time travelers, we’ll be there. (Weekly World News will even tell you what investments, if any, people from the future are making in the stock market. You won’t find that in Forbes!)”

Rovin’s rag has lined the bottom of many bird cages across the country, and now he’s telling Sean Hannity all about his claimed experiences with the Clintons. “Slanthead” Hannity (as Ed Schultz calls him) has gone completely off the deep end, where he has been teetering on the edge for many years. He did say that Fox News had not been able to “independently verify” the details of Rovin’s story. (Hmmm, I wonder why that could be, Sean?) But he still gave the sci-fi writer a full 15-minute segment to spin his web of BS.

Submitted for your approval, Sean Hannity’s “blockbuster” interview with one of America’s most skillful liars, via YouTube:

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