Hannity Melts Down On Twitter, Accuses Ted Cruz And Others Of Conspiring To Elect Hillary (TWEETS)

Poor Sean Hannity. Donald J. Trump is his boy, and he just doesn’t understand why other conservatives can’t see things his way on the matter. Even on Fox News, Hannity is one of the most unabashed backers of the GOP nominee. And late on Tuesday evening he simply lost it on Twitter, going on an hours long rant against National Review writer Johan Goldberg, without even really being provoked.

Actress Amy Schumer inadvertently started the ball rolling with a tweet about her plans to leave the country should Trump be elected. Her tweet drew a response from Goldberg, who tweeted:

That’s when the fun began. Even though Goldberg had just made a simple observation that he didn’t care for either of the candidates, Hannity seemed to feel the need to defend his man-crush.

Hannity’s multi-tweet rant at Goldberg went on for a good portion of the early morning hours. He hit the National Review columnist with a series of questions that sounded like he was badgering a liberal guest on his Fox News show.

Goldberg was quite happy to go toe-to-toe with the talk show host.

Finally, after a night of apparently little sleep for him, Hannity decided he had had enough.

But Goldberg got the last shot in.

Of course, mixed in with the back and forth between Hannity and Goldberg were other twitter users who weighed in, in support of one of the other. But only one appeared to really get to Hannity, so much that “Slanthead” (as Ed Schultz used to call him), deleted the tweet.

What was it that Hannity found so disgusting? It was this:

I’m no fan of Jonah Goldberg, who largely writes the same sort of nonsense that you see in most conservative media. But Goldberg gets something that Hannity doesn’t seem to — Donald Trump has the potential to set back American conservatism by decades. Of course, if you’re a liberal, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The tweets above are just a fraction of Hannity’s hilarious pissing contest with Goldberg. You can read everything on Hannity’s twitter account here and Goldberg’s feed here.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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