Hannity Goes BALLISTIC After Conservative Group Humiliates Him By Rescinding Media Award


It turns out that William F. Buckley’s own son wasn’t thrilled about Sean Hannity receiving an award named after his dad.

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And that may be the exact reason why the conservative group known as the Media Research Center rescinded the “Media Excellence” award he was set to receive, despite the fact that Hannity has done nothing but push conspiracies and kiss Donald Trump’s ass.

According to CNN, the naming of Hannity as the award’s recipient “caused distress among Buckley’s family — in particular his only child, best-selling author Christopher Buckley.”

A source familiar with the situation tells CNN that Christopher Buckley “expressed great dismay” at the announcement that the award would go to Hannity, who has spent a great deal of time insulting conservative intellectuals on Twitter, particularly since he became a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

Indeed, Hannity is not an intellectual at all. He’s a college dropout who peddles bullshit that should have gotten him kicked off the airwaves years ago. Meanwhile, William F. Buckley was a true conservative intellectual who loathed Trump.

Buckley’s son informed the Media Research Center of his disapproval and the group quietly removed Hannity’s name from the gala on their website and decided not to give Hannity the award.

They made the right decision. The only thing Hannity deserves for the crap he spews on television and radio is a pink slip.

Of course, the news upset Hannity and he took to Twitter to throw a temper tantrum, attacking CNN and Christopher Buckley.

Hannity just demonstrated precisely why he should never have been picked to receive a media award. Attacking the son of the man it is named after isn’t exactly an example of media professionalism.

Hannity is just desperately trying to save face after being rejected. He knows it. The Media Research Council knows it. CNN knows it. We all know it.

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