Hannity ENRAGES Trumpers Claiming YouTube Censored Anti-Hillary Ad, Misses Two Key Facts

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but Trump supporters are being seriously trolled. Now, I’m not saying that the Trump campaign is doing it, nor am I saying that Hannity is in on it, but someone could be having some fun. Look, we all know that many who support Donald Trump are a bit more apt to don tinfoil hats. And, this hat is the size of a sombrero. (See what I did there?)

Hannity posted an article to his Facebook page which says YouTube placed a “warning” label on Trump’s latest anti-Hillary ad.

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The problem with this is two-fold. First, the “warning” label Hannity was speaking of is one that is placed on all videos with the privacy setting as “unlisted.” This setting is selected by the content owner – the person uploading the video. In this case, that is Team Trump. It is not a designation given to content that has been flagged and it’s not a setting that YouTube changes.

However, commenters on YouTube were quick to jump on calling for a YouTube boycott (while frantically sharing the video and commenting on it). They also seemed to mistake the actual title of the video, “Dangerous” which was also given by Team Trump, as the “YouTube warning.”

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For those unfamiliar with these settings in YouTube, here is a screen capture of the elements currently being confused as YouTube’s strong big brotherly arm.


And, this is what we are up against, folks – this boogyman hysteria which clouds any and all rational thought. Hannity’s article has been shared nearly 9,000 times in the five hours since it was posted. These people are so convinced that there is a man behind the curtain censoring YouTube, they are failing to recognize that the curtain is open and “Team Trump” is right there. These are their settings and there is absolutely NOTHING indicating that YouTube has attempted to censor anything.

While there is no evidence (other than these settings being in the control of the content owner) that anything purposeful took place by Team Trump and that this isn’t anything more than a simple oversight in how the technology works – it certainly would be quite a strategy to make a video go viral. You know, post a video as “unlisted” so the default courtesy request is showing, people think there is a mighty oppressor that must be rebelled against and boom, shares are through the roof by people who have no idea they are being used as tools.

Yeah, that would be a pretty amazing (and effective) strategy. . .

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