Hannity Defends Trump With Psychotic Threat To Morning Joe, This Could Ruin Him (TWEET)

One of Donald Trump’s biggest fans, Fox News host Sean Hannity, has just tried to come to his rescue after the POTUS was condemned for his disgusting attack on Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

On Saturday, as Trump himself was having a meltdown on Twitter, Hannity decided to join the chaos by defending Trump and his petty, nasty attacks on the Morning Joe hosts. In a disgusting attempt to kiss Trump’s *ss, Hannity made an insane threat to the MSNBC news couple, hinting that he had some incriminating dirt on the Morning Joe hosts.

No one really knows what the hell “going ‘there’” actually means, but he’s likely trying to channel Trump in his ominous threat – and if he’s really trying to emulate Trump, we can bet that he’s bluffing.

Hannity has a history of going after Scarborough, having previously claimed that Scarborough has “many skeletons” in his “closet (& office).” When Hannity had made those statements, he was referring to an incident in which a dead intern was found in Scarborough’s district office during his time as a Congressman in 2001. While Scarborough had nothing to do with the intern’s death, he resigned from his position due to the conspiracy theories surrounding the incident. Coincidentally, Trump also loves conspiracy theories.

While we’re not aware of what other nonsense Hannity might want to spread about Scarborough and Brzezinski, is certainly a shame that he’s threatening the couple just because they’re speaking out against Trump.

Hannity’s cryptic tweet proves that Fox News and its reporters will do anything to defend Trump, no matter how bad it makes them look. Just last month, Hannity said he would be willing to pay for therapy for the Morning Joe hosts because he felt they’d become “unhinged.” Clearly, it’s the other way around.

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