Hannity Attacks Michelle Obama For Years But Heaven Forbid Anyone Speak Ill Of GOP Wives (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing the GOP has done ad nauseam it’s attack Michelle Obama. Whether it was her style of dress and wearing sleeveless outfits, her weight and even her behind was insulted by Wisconsin Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. When Mrs. Obama appeared on a screen at the Oscars several years ago she was attacked by everyone on the right including Rush Limbaugh said she looked like the “dear leader” of our “totalitarian state.”

That doesn’t even come close to being all of the insanity she has had to endure. The right-wing website Gateway Pundit posted a racist depiction of a grotesquely muscular armed Michelle as Marie Antoinette. Her vacation in Spain became a problem to the right. Her workout routine became fodder for political gossip and right-wing ridicule. She was attacked for having staff in the White House and conspiracy emails circulated that they were heavily compensated. British tabloids even printed false stories about Mrs. Obama spending $50,000 on undergarments.

Then there are her campaigns for better health and wellness among children. I guess Republicans would prefer their children eat unhealthy food. That’s part of “personal responsibility” I guess. Then they tried to gut the school lunch program so schools couldn’t afford to purchase the healthy food children should be served. They nearly shut down the government over it. Then the right-wing found a way to hate water. Limbaugh called it “just more command-and-control” from the Obama White House. Water. This is water we’re talking about. The Washington Times attacked her for the “the nation’s most prominent anti-obesity crusader” for misleading the public by saying it was good to be hydrated.

Now, all of the sudden Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s wives are under attack and all the boys are crying about it. Donald Trump’s spokesperson Katrina Pierson attempted to argue on Tuesday that Melania Trump was the only woman who had been attacked during the 2016 campaign. Don Lemon, who conducted the interview, called BS on the claim saying that Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi was also being attacked and by Trump himself. Pierson tried to make an argument that posting an unflattering photo of Cruz’s wife wasn’t insulting. Trump’s commentary about Cruz’s mental health is also evidently not an insult.

Now it’s Sean Hannity’s turn to be another right-wing hypocrite. According to the Fox News watchdog group Media Matters

Hannity has frequently attempted to smear the first lady over the years by ridiculing her comments encouraging kids to go to college, claiming she had a ‘deep rooted anger’ and ‘bitterness’ about American race relations, and repeatedly attempting to smear her as ‘unpatriotic.’ His show has also frequently featured guests attacking Michelle Obama on a litany of fronts, including her health initiatives and her disposition.

Yet, now it’s a problem for people to attack the wives and families of politicians? Shut the hell up, Sean Hannity. You don’t get to call for civility when you’re holding hands with the most disgusting offenders.

Check out the full video of the insanity below:

Featured image of Michelle Obama via White House photographer Chuck Kennedy and Sean Hannity via Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

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