Hannibal Buress Trolls People On Camera About An Obama Third Term (VIDEO)

We all know for years now, that the Tea Party has documented factual evidence that President Obama is going to do something ungodly, and force himself into a third term as a new American Emperor. Hannibal Buress took to the streets recently to troll some unsuspecting pedestrians in Los Angeles, by telling them Obama will be on the Democratic ticket again in 2016.

“Obama signed an executive order to give himself a third term as president”

The responses of the individuals were varied, but most seemed generally clueless, including one pair who preferred Justin Bieber over Hillary. Another passer by said she had champagne ready for the day he leaves office.  Sadly it seems Buress did not encounter your average Tea Party member because nobody got so angry that they shot his microphone to protect their Liberty.  See the video below!

Why? with Hannibal Buress
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 Featured image via Allen West / Twitter


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