HA! Bernie Sanders Gives ‘Pharma Bro’s’ Donation To The Perfect Oganization

The disgusting excuse of a human being Martin Shkreli, who this summer jacked up the price of a life-saving AIDS medication by 5,000 percent, seems to like Bernie Sanders. In fact, the pharma bro has endorsed the Senator from Vermont and even donated to his campaign. Only Bernie Sanders doesn’t want his blood-money.

Shkreli, who is the CEO of  Turing Pharmaceuticals, gave Sanders $2,700 —  the maximum an individual can donate directly to a campaign. Shkreli donated to the candidate who, during the debate, noted he is not a friend of the pharmaceutical industry and what did Sanders do once he found out?

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Every cent was re-gifted to the Whitman-Walker Clinic, a D.C. based clinic specializing in the research and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Biggs said:

The donation by the campaign to Whitman-Walker was an attempt to put some of Shkreli’s money to good use. We thought it was appropriate given his clear attempt to gouge the gay community by charging exorbitant prices for an AIDS medication…We are not keeping the money from this poster boy for drug company greed.

The Whitman-Walker Clinic also responded, with spokesman Shawn Jain saying:

We are thankful to the campaign for their generous donation and are humbled that out of all the worthy charities out there, they chose us.

True to his word, that he won’t take donations from billionaires (and scum), Bernie Sanders is re-gifting a donation to a life-saving clinic in order to prove a point. However, some don’t see a re-gift as not accepting a donation. The source of the money, pharma bro Martin Shkreli, tweeted that unless the money is returned to the source, it’s still accepting a donation and Sanders should have given it back to him.

Shkreli has yet to lower the price of the medication, which he promised to do. So he has no room to talk about where his money goes to.

Go Bernie Sanders!


Featured image a screen caption via Las Vegas NV Blog

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