Guy Trump Brought Along To Intelligence Briefings Throws Tantrum, Derails The Meeting

Donald Trump’s intelligence briefing is facing fresh scrutiny after his recent remarks and it has now been revealed that Trump managed to turn even this into a circus. That guy Trump brought along? The retired general with close ties to Russia? Well, he repeatedly interrupted the briefing, threw a temper tantrum, and derailed the whole damn meeting.

During Wednesday night’s Command-In-Chief Forum, Donald Trump discussed the intelligence briefing he was given and claimed that he was able to tell the officials were “not happy” with President Obama. Because, “body language.” There are several reasons why this is likely another line of BS, but these comments prompted a closer look at the meeting.

Trump had decided to let former Defense Intelligence Agency chief Michael Flynn tag along for the briefing and he proceeded to make a total pain in the ass out of himself. Four people who “had knowledge” of the incident told NBC that Flynn had derailed the meeting by repeatedly interrupting.

Things got so bad that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had to intervene and attempt to rein Flynn in. NBC reports that two sources said Christie was forced to verbally restrain Flynn, “one saying Christie said, ‘Shut up,’ the other reporting he said, ‘Calm down.’ Two other sources said Christie touched Flynn’s arm in an effort get him to calm down and let the officials continue.”

Flynn has been a supporter of Trump since early on and spoke at the Republican National Convention, but he also has strong ties to Russia and has been said to have “an odd affection” for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Flynn attended an event for the Russian TV channel RT, formerly known as Russia Today, which has been described by Secretary of State John Kerry as a “propaganda bullhorn” for Putin. Flynn sat only two seats away from Putin at the event and an anonymous former Pentagon official said, “It was extremely odd that Flynn showed up in a tuxedo to the Russian government propaganda arm’s party.”

Featured image via  Alex Wong/Getty Images

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