Guess Who’s The Least Trusted Source Of News In America? (Hint: It’s Not A Liberal) (IMAGES)

Conservatives were all abuzz a few months back because a Quinnipiac University poll said that Fox News was the most trusted cable news network. But a new poll from Pew Research Center has some different findings about the fairly unbalanced “fair and balanced” network, as well as other sources of “news” that right wingers love.

The Pew poll, released on June 1, asked Americans about the trust they place in various sources of news. The results were broken down by age group: Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennials. They found that the percentages of people who trust or distrust news sources they are familiar with is about the same across the generations. But the most interesting part of the poll is where respondents were asked to rate their trust in various news sources. Unlike the Quinnipiac poll, this poll covered print, online, and radio news sources, as well as television. And right wing media didn’t fare so well.

Among the news sources that were more trusted than distrusted by all three of the age groups are the ones in the “so-called liberal media” that the right loves to vilify: ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and The New York Times are a few examples. MSNBC was also more trusted than distrusted by all the age groups.

Fox News didn’t make out as well in the Pew poll. Baby Boomers said they trusted more than distrusted it, but Gen X and Millennials were split. The results from each of those groups showed about equal levels of trust and distrust in Fox reporting.

But the real losers in this poll were the hate-mongers of right wing radio. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck were more distrusted than trusted by all of the generational groups. A majority of Millennials said they weren’t even familiar with Hannity and Beck.

Hate radio comes in as the most distrusted source of news.When the attitudes of Millennials alone were examined, the news is even worse for El Rushbo and his buddies. A dismal four percent of Millennials said they trust what Limbaugh has to say when it comes to news about government and politics. Things were even worse for the other two. The trust level for Hannity and Beck came in at three percent. And Fox News? It was trusted by 35 percent of Millennials, compared to 43 percent who said they distrusted it.

The results of this poll among Millennials indicate that, for the most part, they tend to be more trusting of traditional news sources. Millennials’ level of trust in Fox News was beaten out by their trust in the BBC, CNN, The New York Times, all three of the major networks, Google News AND (sorry righties) MSNBC.

Millennials trust traditional news sources more.So, the next time that crazy uncle Harry brings up something he heard on the Rush Limbaugh Show, you might want to point out to him that most people, especially younger people, think that Limbaugh is full of sh*t. When people in uncle Harry’s generation die, it looks like they’re going to take a lot of right wing media with them.

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