Greta Van Susteren Just Punked Her Former Employers At Fox News In An Amazing Way

The forced resignation of former Fox News president Roger Ailes and the $20 million payout to Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson for years of sexual harassment means the sky is falling at our favorite pretend news network.

However, the recent (and sudden) departure of Greta Van Susteren, one of its longest and most loyal news personalities, has many questioning what caused her to suddenly step down. After all, she was extremely vocal in support of Ailes during the sexual harassment saga.

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But the departure was not exactly smooth sailing either and now she is most certainly having a good laugh at Fox News’ expense.

In a short post on Facebook, Van Susteren said her former employer had already redirected the website to the Fox News landing page. And while Fox News network does own that URL, Fox also redirected Van Susteren’s personal website,, to its landing page as well.

“Obviously that is not right since I own it and they do not,” Van Susteren wrote on Facebook. “So I then went into my own domain of and redirected it to where I want it to go.”

It seems Van Susteren’s redirect brought folks to Maryland-based pet rescue site Pet Connect Rescue, which is pretty badass on Van Susteren’s part. Pet Connect happened to notice Van Susteren’s redirect and immediately urged her fans to “help abandoned dogs and cats today.”

“Our mission is to save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats and place them in loving and permanent homes,” a bio of the organization reads. “Each day, we respond to desperate email and phone pleas to rescue dogs and cats imminently slated for euthanasia.”

So maybe Van Susteren worked for a great evil for many years, but she does have it in here to do something nice for a change. And while the facts of her departure will surely pour out in the coming days, nobody can take away this really magnanimous and cool departing act.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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