Grayson Joins Sanders, Warren And Reich Against TPP — Offers A Plan (VIDEO)

Recently Elizabeth Warren pointed out that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is rigged and that we should “fix” it before it becomes law. President Obama said that she is wrong. Rachel Maddow interviewed Warren for her rebuttal:


Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders have also been very vocal about the negative impact this trade deal will have on Americans, the economy and the environment.

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Not to be outdone, and to further drive it home, Alan Grayson made and distributed a nine minute video detailing why he is against it, calling it “Trade Treachery” and pointing people to a website that he built on the matter.

His video starts out with him reminiscing about how things were Made In America, how as a result of homemade items our economy flourished and everyone was able to have a comfortable life and live the American Dream of buying home and sending your children to college… of affordable healthcare and being able to retire and live off the social security benefits that you paid into your entire life. But then, NAFTA happened.

He points out that since NAFTA was implemented our national annual average trade deficit–goods we buy from other countries, versus goods that other countries buy from America–is over half a TRILLION dollars. That’s money that could have stayed at home if Americans were making those products. That’s “over $1500 each and every year for each and every man, woman and child in this country.”

He shares a chart that shows the trade deficit before and after “Free Trade” agreements:

Trade Deficit Before and After Free Trade Agreements

Grayson asks:

What sane person can look at these two charts and say, “What America needs is more Free Trade?”

He says that we are creating tens of millions of jobs in other countries that could be American jobs and the people gaining these jobs are buying up American land and American businesses. Grayson claims that our debt to foreigners amounts to $35,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. That 1/7 of all the assets in the United States are owned by foreigners.

The good news is that Warren Buffet has a plan.

WATCH Alan Grayson lay it out:

Featured Image from video above, edited by the author of this article.

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