Gravity Is Confusing For Brain Surgeon Ben Carson (VIDEO)

Ben Carson is not a professional politician, which is something he regularly reminds voters of. Carson is a brain surgeon; in fact, he’s one of the best brain surgeons in the country. But somehow, he lacks even junior high-level scientific knowledge, or he at least pretends he doesn’t know.

Carson, like so many Republicans, doesn’t believe in evolution or man-made climate change. He also seems to be confused about gravity. When asked about climate change at a town hall meeting, Carson said:

“Is there climate change? Of course there’s climate change,” Carson replied. “Any point in time, temperatures are going up or temperatures are going down. Of course that’s happening. When that stops happening, that’s when we’re in big trouble.”

At that point, Carson detoured. Though he had been asked about climate change, he continued, “As far as evolution is concerned, you know, I do believe in micro-evolution, or natural selection, but I believe that God gave the creatures he made the ability to adapt to their environment. Because he’s very smart and he didn’t want to start over every 50 years.” (More applause.)

And later in his three-minute response, he said, “Just the way the Earth rotates on its axis, how far away it is from the sun. These are all very complex things. Gravity, where did it come from?” 

Source: New Republic

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Flickr.

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