Gowdy Tosses Issa From BENGHAZI! Hearing – Only One Crusader Allowed At A Time (VINE)

BENGHAZI! crusader Darrell Issa spent years trying to build a plausible case against the Obama administration, particularly formerly Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Spearhead of the Republican smear campaign, Issa managed to prove absolutely no wrongdoing on the part of Clinton or Obama, but in the spirit of partisan politics and GOP propaganda his committee did state that they believed BENGHAZI! could have been prevented.

That “failure” wasn’t good enough for House Republicans, who began the new congressional year by appointing Trey Gowdy as the new special investigator for a brand new BENGHAZI! committee. Gowdy’s job is to try to dig up dirt on the former senator and first lady, regardless of how it relates to BENGHAZI!, and make it relate somehow to BENGHAZI!

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Gowdy isn’t quite the crusader that Issa was, preferring smaller hearings with fewer people watching. That way he can twist his BENGHAZI! investigation however he sees fit.

On Monday, Gowdy was deposing a Clinton-era state department official about emails, because emails are where it’s at these days, when Issa decided to crash the party. Gowdy personally escorted Gowdy out of the session, as it was a “closed-door panel.” Issa was none too happy about it, storming off like a toddler as Gowdy throws his hands up. The episode was captured on film and vined by NBC’s Frank Thorpe:

Poor Darrell. Years of failure led to his replacement by a man who is doomed to repeat his failure, and he can’t even sit in to watch the truth twisted into another right-wing conspiracy that has Clinton and Obama smoking crack while they watch the attack from a Humvee just outside the annex, laughing gleefully and personally dragging Ambassador Stevens through the streets.

Gowdy had this to say about the incident:

I’m a prosecutor, we always follow the rules. [Issa] is not a [BENGHAZI!] committee member and non-committee members are not allowed in the room during the deposition. Those are the rules and we have to follow them, no exceptions made.

Prosecutor, laughing-stock and next Republican to take the blame for another failed BENGHAZI! witch hunt. If Gowdy knew what was good for him he would have left the building with Issa and never come back.

Featured image: Screen Capture from The Simpsons

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