Governor George ‘Kill All Muslims’ Pataki Is Set To Drop Out Of The Race

“Inconsequential” is the watchword for former New York governor and soon-to-be former GOP candidate, George Pataki. I doubt anyone remembered he was running, and he never even made it to the little leagues to share the stage with B-list candidates like Santorum and Graham.

So is it anyone’s surprised he’s calling it quits? Hardly anyone even knew he was running to begin with.

Kill ALL Muslims

Pataki is the former governor of New York; he served three terms after being elected in 1994. He jumped into 2016 both feet first after speculation he would run in earlier cycles.

He struggled to gain traction throughout the polls — it’s hard to compete with the likes of the Teflon Don, who has the charisma and matching intellect of a potted plant — so he flew under the radar, briefly surfacing for air when he proudly claimed he wanted to kill all the “radical” Muslims earlier this month.

The problem with his proclamation, of course, is nobody knows exactly how to define “radical,” and if we define “radical” as “attacking and killing Americans,” where’s the demand to kill all radical Christians like Robert Deer and many militant and dangerous pro-lifers, who have no problem calling for military tactics against their fellow citizens? Why is there this double-standard applied only to Muslims in this country?

Still, Pataki’s reported decision to drop out comes not from being utterly inconsequential to the 2016 election cycle, but because he missed the filing deadlines in key late-cycle primary states.

Pataki calls it quits

Pataki joins with Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Lindsey Graham, marking the first time in recent memory and perhaps the only time in the entire cycle his name has appeared on a list with recognizable and one-time potential candidates.

Feature image via Truth Revolt

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