Fox News Moron: ‘Shut The Government Down Till You Get Your Way’

Fox News dimwit and owner of the right-wing blog “RedState,” Erick Erickson, is calling for a new government shutdown in order to stop Obama’s immigration orders and defund the Affordable Care Act — because the last shutdown worked just so well for that kind of aim, and didn’t harm the economy, or real people, at all.

Like last year, the people calling for a government shutdown believe that they can shift the blame for all the fallout onto Obama and the Democrats. According to Erickson himself, such a move will expose Obama as “a petulant man-child” and put all the blame squarely on him for not signing a budget bill:

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Now, let us be clear on the parameters of the debate moving forward. I am not suggesting the GOP just say ‘to heck with it’ and shut down the government. What I am suggesting is that the GOP pass everything except Obamacare funding and funding for any immigration actions the President wants to take.

And he will most certainly balk at all that.

So Erickson wants to hurt a couple million workers and all those businesses with a government shutdown again, all to achieve political goals, instead of actually getting to the business of solving problems and running this country. Congress’ approval rating might go up if they decline to engage in this kind of nonsense going forward, but who cares? It’s all about making the other side look worse than you do.

So yes, by all means, let’s shutter businesses with government contracts, and send all those workers home for an indefinite period. Let’s furlough 800,000 federal employees again while making the rest work for zero pay (which costs them a lot because they still have to pay for gas, bus tickets, train tickets, ferry tickets, parking, or whatever commuting costs they might have, all while not knowing when their next paycheck will come). This is what Erickson and his ilk would like to see.

Last year’s government shutdown, according to Time, cost the U.S. economy $24 billion, and it hurt the GOP badly. The reason it didn’t cost them the midterms is because voters have short memories. Erickson wants to bank on that, and says if the GOP takes the blame again, it doesn’t matter, because it’s Obama who will really be to blame:

So set the course. Defund Obamacare and block amnesty. Obama can defy the will of the people and refuse to work with Congress. Sure, the GOP may get blamed. But so what?

And that is key here — so what. They got blamed last time and the public rewarded them with the biggest election wave in modern American political history from the local level to the federal level.

Block Obama. Let him show himself again to be the petulant man-child Americans have started recognizing. And this time, when he shuts down the government, keep it shut till you have your way and then hold public hearings to show how Obama selectively shut things down to hurt the voters intentionally.

“Keep it shut till you have your way. . . ?” Really? That’s the spoiled little five-year old mentality that’s characterized the GOP since 2010 right there. It’s what characterized last year’s government shutdown. It’s what characterized the fiscal cliff battle in 2012. It’s what’s characterized our ongoing budget crises. And it’s what’s characterized every temper tantrum they’ve thrown about Obama being unwilling to compromise, when they keep whining, “He has to move closer to the middle,” and then moving the “middle” further and further to the right.

The truly sad thing is that Mitch McConnell has emerged as a voice of reason when it comes to attempting another government shutdown. Mitch McConnell, of all people. He’s not exactly the smartest or most reasonable Republican in Congress when it comes to playing politics versus actually getting stuff done. This is the same man who said the GOP’s primary goal in 2010 was not to help people, or to govern, but to make Obama a one-term president.

So the fact that he’s trying to steer his party away from another government shutdown is nothing short of astounding. But will it work? Not if the ridiculous element of the GOP, and pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Erick Erickson, have their way. These people are truly sick.

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