Gov. Mike Pence Wants To Cut Poor People Off Food Stamps To ‘Ennoble Them’ (VIDEO)

Despite the fact that the American taxpayer making $50,000 per year paid an infinitesimal $36 towards the food stamps program, Teabagger Republicans (the only kind) feel that only really rich people should be given assistance leach off the government. Mike Pence, 2016 Republican Presidential wannabe and current governor of Indiana, seems to be trying to out-d*ck Governor Chris Christie. Even though the majority of people receiving food stamps already work and simply don’t make enough, Pence is behind Indiana’s new plan of requiring those on food stamps  work, be in job training, or job hunting. What Pence doesn’t realize is that, in order to receive food stamps, you must already be working part-time or actively pursuing employment.

Here was Pence on Fox News, speaking to the 65,000 single residents of Indiana that could lose food stamp benefits unless they are working 20 hours a week or attending job training:

“How do you feel about people who say you are targeting poor people?” Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked the governor.

“I’m someone that believes there’s nothing more ennobling to a person than a job,” Pence insisted. “And to make sure that able-bodied adults without dependants at home know that here in the state of Indiana, we want to partner with them in their success.” “You know, it’s the old story,” he continued. “Give someone a fish, and they’ll eat for a day. Teach them to fish, they’ll eat for a lifetime. I think this is an idea whose time has come here in the state of Indiana.” (Raw Story)

Not sure I’m quite familiar with that tired and trite tautology, Governor. However, I am quite aware of the one that says ‘Give a Republican unlimited dark campaign cash, and they’ll win countless elections.’ Also, anyone else happen to notice how all of these reptilian Republican governors actually look like actual reptiles?

According to Think Progress, last month saw 2 million folks in the Midwest looking for work, yet only about a million jobs available. It also fails to factor in the thousands of people who are no longer considered unemployed since they gave up looking for work.  And poverty advocates believe that it would be best to help people get enrolled in job training programs prior to taking food out of their mouths.

“Let’s figure out what the goals are for these able-bodied adults without dependents, and then let’s build a program that meets those goals,” Jessica Fraser of Indiana Institute for Working Families told the Indy Star. “That seems to make a little more sense to me.” (Raw Story)

Obviously nobody wants to be on food stamps. Seriously, who wakes up and ruminates: “Call me a dreamer, but someday I hope all my education and hard work means I get to live on food stamps.” The reality is that the new face of food stamps are college-educated adults. In fact, analysis conducted by the Associated Press and University of Kentucky economists found that working-age people are now the majority recipients of food stamps, not children and seniors. Also, many people who get assistance do indeed work jobs, but either the hours or workload is not sufficient enough or the pay (*ahem* Walmart) is so meager that they may need help making ends meet. Walmart, receiving between 25 and 40 percent of all food stamp spending, is America’s first welfare queen superstore.

 Watch Mike Pence on Fox News below:


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