Gov. John Kasich To Defund Planned Parenthood In Ohio, Because Of ‘Baby Parts’ Video

On Wednesday, the Ohio legislature passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, based on the debunked “baby parts video.”  The bill now heads to the desk of Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has vowed to sign it into law.

The bill was drafted following the Center for Medical Progress’ release of the fake video claiming Planned Parenthood was selling aborted “baby parts,” which has long been outed as total bullshit. Lawmakers used this video as the cornerstone for their argument to defund the largest women’s healthcare organization, despite the fact that the state’s PP clinics were cleared of any wrongdoing by Ohio’s attorney general.

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In fact, the maker of the BS “baby parts” video has found himself facing legal troubles for the debunked video, and could face even more in the future. As reported by IYON writer Christian Drake: “David Daleiden and his organization could potentially be held criminally liable for further crimes where the videos were a motivating factor.”

The legislation strips funding from any organization that “promotes abortion.” Of course, all the other services that PP provides will be done away with too, such as cancer screenings, birth control, and a long list of others.

The money taken away from the organizations that provide these vital women’s health services will be “redirected” to organizations such as dentist’s offices and school nurses, leaving low-income women with nowhere to turn for the essential healthcare services that have, up until now, been offered by PP.

Kasich couldn’t care less about the desperate plight of the women who will be affected, and has ignored pleas from public health advocates, Ohio voters, and even the New York Times.

Kasich has staunchly stood by the bill and promises he will sign it into law.

When a voter in Iowa last month, asked him about the bill after he vowed to sign it, Kasich made his intentions quite clear.

If they want to raise money, they can still do it. I’m going to sign a bill to defund it, so you shouldn’t be confused.

When voters pressed him on the issue, asking about all the other services PP provides, he responded in classic political fashion, saying flatly, “we’re done” and walked away.

According to our friends at Think Progress:

A number of other states are also attempting to pass measures to defund Planned Parenthood, but Ohio’s bill could be particularly disastrous. Women’s health advocates say the bill’s vague wording could unintentionally prevent major health departments in Ohio’s most populated areas from accessing these funds for all forms of care — not just abortions — and could ban major Ohio insurers from covering any other health services simply based on the fact that they also cover abortion.

It would be possible for Ohio to go in the same direction as Texas if the bill becomes law. According to a new study, following the closing of almost all “abortion clinics” in the state, low-income women found themselves unable to access effective birth control. The state did not see a significant reduction in abortions, but they did see a 27 percent increase in births.

In the words of IYON writer Jen Froderman: “To put that into perspective, in 1945 there was only a FIVE percent increase in births and that increase is what led to the Baby Boomer generation.”

Kasich, whose presidential campaign is no doubt still riding the wave of his second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, has a long history of doing all he can to take away women’s right to choose. According to Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, during Kasich’s time as governor, 17 restrictions on women’s health were passed by Ohio and almost half of the abortion providers in the state have been forced to close.

We’ve seen the dire consequences for women, men and young people when politicians block access to care at Planned Parenthood health centers,” she said. “It’s time for political games to end — and for Governor Kasich to veto this bill so Ohioans don’t lose vital care.

One more thing, because this is the internet and anybody could be reading this: Planned Parenthood is not selling baby parts you f*cking idiot! 

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