Gov. Abbott: State Of Texas Will Defend North Carolina’s Right To Discriminate Against Trans People

The Texas Republican Convention kicked off Thursday and as expected, Texas Governor Greg Abbott opened the general session with a speech about God, abortions, bathrooms and that “awful” Hillary. He didn’t utter the name of that other person (Trump) though, but this is also not surprising because it’s possible that Ted Cruz has not quite given up his hopes of contesting the National Convention this Fall.

Ted is a true conservative. He deserves our enduring respect,” Abbott said. “Ted may have come up short, but that does not end the war.

DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 29: Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaks at a rally by Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) at Gilley's Dallas the day before Super Tuesday February 29, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Candidates have spread themselves out over the U.S. in the lead up to Super Tuesday where twelve states will hold primary voting. (Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stewart F. House/Getty Images)

While reveling in the attention of the fired up crowd, Abbott urged his fellow Texans to join with him in beating Hillary at all costs! “America does not have the luxury to get this election wrong,” he said. “Republicans must unite to prevent Hillary from continuing the Obama agenda.”

He went on to praise Texas, the largest and probably the most reliable Republican state in America, as the “backstop against Obama administration policies on guns, foreign affairs and on social issues.”

For every liberal action by Barack Obama, we had a Texas-sized reaction.

A large portion of his speech was spent talking about what Lt. Governor Dan Patrick referred to this morning as “the bathroom battle.” Abbott told the crowd that he would stand with North Carolina in protecting the citizens of the United States from transgender people and made it clear that it was his mission to “defend its bathroom policies against the Obama administration.”

Between bragging about his successes with destroying women’s rights and ending the career of Wendy Davis, he managed to take the time to plug his book, Broken but Unbowed, which of course is being released and on sale at the convention. In the book, he professes his deep undying love for the Constitution — the same Constitution that he is calling on the states to amend in order to take power from the federal government. According to Abbott, the federal government has “run amok,” and the liberal agenda must be stopped.

Perhaps the most ridiculous (and at the same time most accurate) thing he said during his entire speech was this:

We need to come to grips with reality.

Governor Abbott is exactly right. He and his GOP cronies definitely “need to come to grips with reality.”

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