Gordon Klingenschmitt: Attack On Pregnant Woman God’s Judgement For Abortions (VIDEO)

Former Navy chaplain turned GOP State Rep. and certified loon Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-Colorado Springs) is saying horrible things about women again, to the surprise of no one. This time the good chaplain sunk to a new low, though, by declaring that a brutal and barbaric attack on a Colorado pregnant woman was God’s judgement for the state’s allowing legal abortions.

26-year-old Michelle Wilkins was seven months pregnant when she answered an advertisement on Craigslist offering used baby clothing for sale. When she got to the home of 34-year-old Danel Layne, who brutally stabbed Wilkins, removing the fetus from her womb. Wilkins managed to get out of the attack alive. Her baby did not.

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Well, Rep. Klingenschmitt had quite a bit to say on this matter on his weekly program, Pray in Jesus Name. He opined, referencing Hosea, where God supposedly warns the people of the consequences of their rebellion, saying, “their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.”

Well, what can you expect from a man who is obsessed with demons, and once tried to perform an exorcism on President Obama? The good man of the lord wasn’t finished there, though. Klingenschmitt went on to remark:

I wonder if there is prophetic significance to America today in that scripture. This is the curse of God upon America for our sin of not protecting innocent children in the womb — and part of that curse for our rebellion against God as a nation is that our pregnant women are ripped open.

Rep. Klingenschmitt, this has nothing to do with “scripture,” and everything to do with an evil loon – one not so much unlike yourself – who is either severely mentally ill, or perhaps just downright sociopathic. Either way, your statements are outrageously offensive in the face of such a heinous crime.

This man is a disgrace to our government, and should be removed from office immediately. He doesn’t belong in the state house, he belongs in the nuthouse.

Watch Klingenschmitt’s lunacy below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

H/T: Raw Story | Featured Image: YouTube screengrab via Raw Story

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