GOP’s Non-Stop Assault On Planned Parenthood Is Allowing HUGE Health Dangers To Worsen

The vagina-shaming, moral crusaders running the Republican war on Big Uterus might revel in their misinformed hatred of Planned Parenthood, but once again they are putting their perverse ideology above the safety of the nation. So determined to assuage the ever-so-crucial Southern county clerk vote (IE, Kim Davis), these Jesus freaks threatened to shut the government down (again) in September of last year.  Ever since the  carefully edited and since debunked Planned Parenthood videos came out regarding the sale of fetal tissue (something that’s actually quite common), Republicans have exaggerated Planned Parenthood’s otherwise basic female health services. Basically, they’re claiming Planned Parenthood sells baby parts like they’re the Buick of abortion. Mike Huckabee actually made that horrific  analogy during the first 2016 Clown Car debate.

However, their blind hatred of Planned Parenthood has gotten so severe that it’s imperiling health services beyond reproduction.  

An exhaustively researched piece in Politico revealed that Republican outrage over fetal issue is preventing scientists from researching the deadly Zika virus.

Basically the only insights we’ve had so far on Zika is with patients who have either lost a pregnancy or had miscarriages, one frustrated researcher, Patrick Ramsey of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, told Politico.

This is a situation where the vaccine is going to have to protect the mom and protect the baby. Fetal tissue is going to be needed to look at the effects.

Republican Jesus worshiping goober lawmakers in South Dakota, North Dakota and Ohio–and many more to follow–have made matters worse by banning donations of aborted tissue (as Florida did last week) or flat-out prohibiting the tissue’s use for research. What can we say…Republicans love freaking out over non-existent issues. The Zika virus—of which there have so far been 273 confirmed cases in the U.S.—is thought to cause severe birth defects; consequently, causing babies to be born with an abnormally small skull and brain.
Children being born with abnormally small skulls and brains? Perhaps the Republican Party has found a way to create future voters.
Ironically, anti-abortion Republicans who preclude Zika research, might actually lead to more women opting for abortions, or at least according to University of Wisconsin bioethicist Alta Charo,
Given the uncertainty around the effects of exposure while pregnant, halting fetal tissue research might slow efforts to prevent those effects or at least let women know if chances are high or low of serious birth defects, she said. And this in turn might actually lead more women to choose abortions, out of fear of terrible birth outcomes.
Once again, grounded science and the well-being of the nation will always take a back seat to Republican extremist views, which only seek to assuage crazy southern white guys named Cletus.
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