GOPocalypse: Now The Whiny Tea Party Crybabies Hate The GOP’s Nomination Rules

It’s the return of the GOP civil war. This is a war that began simmering in the Tea Party wave of 2010, but really gained steam after Republicans’ “stunning” loss to President Obama in 2012. A lot of things, like the fiscal cliff battle of 2012, the budget sequester and all the ridiculous showdowns since then, are part and parcel of this civil war. Seemingly desperate to nominate someone who’s a little more sane than the current frontrunners and possibly looking at their own byzantine rules as a way out, the GOP is talking about a brokered convention and those frontrunners are, predictably, throwing a temper tantrum about it.

Donald Trump has renewed his threats of a third-party run if the GOP isn’t “fair” to him. His idea of “fair” is favorable treatment (it’s the same with the press). If they aren’t “fair” to him, he whines that he’s being treated unfairly and starts in with the manipulation he just knows will make the establishment bow to his whims. He’s sure to claim he was treated unfairly even if he wins zero state primaries.

Ben Carson has threatened to leave the GOP, partly to show some solidarity with the not-at-all beleaguered Donald Trump, but also because he, too, is unhappy with the idea of a brokered convention. Ted Cruz has likewise expressed disappointment that the party would dare to do this to them.

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Unfortunately for them, they’re not qualified to run the country. While the official qualifications for president are 35 years of age and a natural-born U.S. citizen, there is much, much more that goes into being president than any of these three have. As much as we hate sympathizing with anything the GOP does, trying anything and everything to keep one of these three clowns from getting the nomination actually makes sense.

Another problem they’re having is simply how crowded the field is. The way the GOP’s rules work make it possible that nobody will arrive at the convention this summer with a clear majority of delegates. So while we have at least two candidates who are dead certain they’re going to win the nomination during the primaries, and fourteen candidates total, there’s a possibility that multiple candidates will have the majority of delegates in eight states as the rules require. It’s also possible that nobody will have that.

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These outsiders, who so appeal to Tea Party voters because they’re outsiders, naturally have problems with that because a brokered process gives the GOP an opportunity to choose a more moderate, establishment candidate, regardless of who comes into the convention with the most votes.

In short, the three frontrunners busy throwing a temper tantrum because they don’t like the rules. They believe that they’re more electable than Hillary Clinton (who they’re dead certain will be the Democratic nominee), because they’re delusional. The whiny crybabies ought to go back under the rocks from whence they came.

Featured image by Peter Stevens. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

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