GOPocalypse: Kevin McCarthy Withdraws Bid For Speaker, GOP Left With No Options

The Republican party was thrown into complete chaos Thursday, when House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy caved to the same pressure John Boehner did from the extremist right and withdrew his candidacy for Speaker. Without a solid candidate the GOP caucus can stand behind, the future of the House leadership isn’t just tumultuous, it’s unprecedented.

The Freedom Caucus — which is nothing but the next incarnation of the Tea Party — informed McCarthy that they would be voting as a block, and they wouldn’t be voting for him. Without their support, McCarthy wouldn’t have the votes he needed to be elected Speaker.

His reaction was very Boehner-esque: Screw you, I’m out.

When Republicans took control of the Senate in 2014, conservatives across the country jumped up and down and declared their victory would change America, bringing back the glory days of 1863, when the men were white and nobody else mattered. Democrats, including our president, sat back with a grin, knowing that the implosion of the Republican party had begun; there was no way these buffoons were ever going to accomplish anything other than another vote to repeal Obamacare and another Benghazi committee.

We weren’t disappointed. Republicans are showing the American people that they absolutely can not govern. They don’t know how to lead. They created a new base of ignorant racists who are keeping Donald Trump, possibly the most despicable man in America, out in front in the polls. A failed businesswoman and a doctor who doesn’t believe in science aren’t far behind. The GOP has become a shadow of its former self and the laughing-stock of governing bodies across the globe.

With Boehner out and McCarthy gone, the Republicans have little chance of coming together on the next Speaker. Paul Ryan has already declined, and nobody from the semi-sane (ever dwindling) group of Republicans is going to cast a vote for a  Trey Gowdy. Jason Chafetz and Daniel Webster have announced their candidacy, which is akin to Rick Perry and Scott Walker running for president. No chance.

So what happens now? The vote has been suspended indefinitely. If Boehner leaves and a new Speaker isn’t elected the House will cease to function. Republicans will have succeeded in shutting down their own majority in a congressional chamber for the first time in…ever.

Should Boehner decide to call a vote for Speaker before he goes and the GOP hasn’t come to an agreement, their votes could be split between 3 or 4 people and the Democrats could all vote for Nancy Pelosi. A Republican majority in the House with a Democrat as Speaker?

The destruction of the GOP at that point would be complete.

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