GOPers Voting To Kill ACA Shout Down Tearful Elizabeth Warren As She Makes Powerful Defense (VIDEO)

The video isn’t long but it says an awful lot about the priorities of the two political parties in Congress.

Republicans sought to avoid reporters and – perhaps – their own guilty consciences by voting to begin the process of stripping health insurance away from millions of Americans in a bizarre dead of night vote from the Senate floor.

In a mostly party-line vote that took place early on Thursday, the Senate passed a special budget resolution that instructs committees to write legislation stripping the health care law of its funding and spending provisions, effectively ending Obamacare’s coverage expansion.

Democrats stood in unanimous opposition and were joined by Rand Paul, but were still unable to stop the motion. Thanks to the resolution, Republicans will be able to ram through a repeal without the Democrats being able to use the filibuster – a move Republicans used repeatedly during Obama’s presidency to oppose things they didn’t like.

When Democratic Senators saw what was happening, they decided to use their time to not only vote “no” to the repeal but also give a passionate defense of the Affordable Care Act. Sens. Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren were particularly emotional during her plea for Republicans to stop this madness.

Politico’s Dan Diamond caught the surreal situation unfolding on the Senate floor – one party fighting to hurt millions of Americans, another one fighting to stop this injustice.

It’s likely that this day will be one of national shame for the generations going forward. And while it will likely be seen as the beginning of an unfolding misery brought to the country by a myopic and cruel Republican Party, this video will also serve to remind our descendants that some in Washington used their power to stand up for Americans, even in the face of jeers, shouts, and a pounding gavel.

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