GOPer’s Desperate Excuse For Trump’s ‘P*ssy Grab’ Comments: He Said It ‘When He Was A Democrat’

Just when you think the Republicans hit rock bottom, and they can’t go any lower, you inevitably run across one on social media who found a stronger drill bit and keeps right on going.

On Friday, after the release of Trump’s video, Washington State Republican Party Chairperson Susan Hutchison took point in this race to the bottom, launching to Spray-Tan Hitler’s defense by claiming that Trump’s indecent comments were made “in 2005 … when he was a Democrat.”

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Oh, and she blamed Bill Clinton for them, too.

“The Hypocrisy”

At this point, it takes a determined individual to still defend Trump. And by “determined” I mean “delusional.”

Trump’s grossest comments have caused a massive falling-out between him and the Republican Party, who are apparently a-okay with Neo-Nazism, xenophobia, calling Mexicans rapists, threatening to deport Muslims, abusing workers, and accusations of raping children, but draw the line at saying the word “pussy.”

Not all Republicans are abandoning the Teflon Don. The chairperson of the Washington State Republican Party, Susan Hutchison, leaped to Trump’s defense on Friday after the videos we released, with the weirdest and perhaps most jaw-dropping defense I’ve seen so far:



Ah, and there’s that “But, Hillary . . .” defense that journalist Kurt Eichenwald destroyed the other day on live TV.

When asked by a Seattle news outlet, she reportedly said that Trump was channeling Bill Clinton with his remarks, since Trump used to hang out with Bill Clinton and therefore, Bill Clinton is to blame.

You’ll notice there’s no other effort to defend Trump beyond blaming Bill Clinton . . . who, correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t running for office and, therefore, is irrelevant.

But what do I know? I’m only a normal person who doesn’t live in the weird and scary alternative world of Republican ideologues.

Watch the video below:

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