GOPer’s Defense Of Trump: Would It Be Fair For Sniper Chris Kyle To Have Iraqi Judge?

Republican supporters of Donald Trump have been scrambling to find ways to excuse presumptive GOP nominee’s racist attacks against U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel who is presiding over several Trump University cases. Curiel is of Mexican heritage but was born and raised in Indiana. However, Trump thinks he should recuse himself from the case because an Hispanic judge obviously can’t be objective when dealing with a racist prick like The Donald who wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

While a few Republicans have denounced Trump’s comments for the racist drivel it is, some are still trying to defend him and his hate speech. On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio program and tried to justify Trump’s bigoted remarks against Curiel with the most absurd analogy yet, comparing the situation to an Iraqi-American presiding over a case involving “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, who frequently boasted about how many Iraqis he had killed.

The California congressman argued that Trump should not have attacked Curiel’s Mexican heritage publicly and should keep business matters separate from his presidential campaign. Hunter added that he felt the fact that the law firm in the class action suit had paid Hillary Clinton to give a speech back in 2009 was a “bigger deal” than the possibility of the judge being biased. Unfortunately, this dumbass kept talking instead of stopping while he was ahead.

What I like to do is take these arguments out to there logical extremes,” Hunter said “So let’s say that Chris Kyle, the American sniper, is still alive and he was on trial for something, and his judge was a Muslim-American of Iraqi descent. Here you have Chris Kyle, who’s killed a whole bunch of bad guys in Iraq. Would that be a fair trial for Chris Kyle? If you had that judge there? Probably not. And Chris Kyle could probably say, ‘this guy’s not gonna like me.’”

Hunter, who recently made headlines for vaping during a legislative hearing, said that he is still supporting Trump even if he disagrees with some of the things he says.

Listen to Hunter’s asinine comments here:

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