GOP Voters Are Clueless, Turn To Google To Ask ‘Is Jeb Bush Related To George W. Bush?’ (VIDEO)

At this point, it is pretty obvious that Republican voters aren’t necessarily the brightest crayons in the box, but the internet searches following last night’s GOP debate still revealed a shocking level of cluelessness among conservatives.

The top trending question on Google about Jeb Bush in South Carolina following Saturday’s debate?

Is Jeb Bush related to George W. Bush?

True story. South Carolina voters seriously hadn’t managed to put the pieces of Jeb’s family puzzle together until Jeb and Donald Trump duked it out on the debate stage last night over his brother’s record and the disastrous Iraq War.

Another popular question being googled, presumably as a result of the former Florida governor’s repeated declarations of devotion to his mom during Saturday’s debate, was this gem:

Who is Jeb Bush’s mother?

Which means they also have no freaking clue who the hell Jeb’s father is either. That’s a lot of information to be missing at this stage in the game.

Some say this just shows that Jeb’s attempt to distinguish himself from the political dynasty he was born into has been successful. I, on the other hand, lean more towards the idea that these folks are just uninformed imbeciles.

George W. Bush is scheduled to join his brother on the campaign trail, apparently in a last ditch effort to get him moved to the front seat of the Republican clown car from the trunk, where he has been riding so far throughout this election cycle.

Tucker Carlson had a valid inquiry on Fox and Friends Weekend, especially in light of the way Trump hammered George W. Bush’s record on Saturday night:

The question is: does it help when voters learn that Jeb Bush is George W. Bush’s brother?

Watch more on the stupidity of South Carolina’s uninformed Goggle searches on Jeb here, via Fox News:

Featured image via video screen capture

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