GOP Unemployment Lies Debunked With One Brilliant Meme (Image)

You’ve probably seen the Republican talking point about what they call the “real” unemployment rate in America.  A quick Google search brings back a list of just about every conservative propaganda rag reporting the same number:  92 million Americans have “left” the labor force.

Unfortunately for the right-wing spin machine, numbers are absolute.  No matter how you twist them, the truth is always but a click away.

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This meme, posted on the Facebook page The Nawty Troll, debunks their entire argument in just a few thousand pixels and some very simple math:



My goodness would you look at that.  Not only does Nawty take the air out of one of the dumbest misinformation points the GOP sheep love to use, she even provides sources.

Sources are something the right hates.  They don’t feel the need to use them, typically because they don’t jive with their delusional arguments.

Conservatives don’t stop at tossing around doctored numbers, some have even claimed that the 92 million “unemployed” are a direct casualty of the war on America waged by our Kenyan Muslim communist fascist socialist Nazi dictator President:

This stupidity comes from  The article was written by none other than hot air machine Rush Limbaugh.  Rush has managed to take logic, reason and fact down to absurd levels, claiming the President personally cost those 92 million Americans their jobs.

The entire argument is absurd.  The corporate masters of the modern conservative Republican know how to keep the ill-informed energized.  Lie.  Cheat.  Point your finger at policies that work and call them failures.  Blame the poor.  Post a quote from Saint Ronny Reagan.

All while they sit back and rake in the cash they’re stealing from our taxes, our workers, and our future.

An article recently posted right here on If You Only News by Wes Williams does a fantastic job of comparing the unemployment numbers of both President Obama and Saint Ronny’s tenure in office.

Wouldn’t you know it?  Our current President is far more successful.

These are all great points to use the next time your conservative Uncle Rudy shows up uninvited to Sunday dinner wielding a Natty Light and the things he heard Rush Limbaugh say.

Special thanks to The Nawty Troll for this little bit of brilliance, for her enduring fight against the stupidity of the right-wing extremist, and for the cutest picture of a troll on the internet.

Bravo, Nawty.  Please visit her Facebook, give it a like and follow along.  If you’re a liberal who enjoys watching the stupidity of the conservaturd bashed frequently you won’t be disappointed.

H/T: The Nawty Troll | Image: pixgood


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