GOP Staffer Who Slammed Obama Girls Was Arrested For Shoplifting During Her Teens

The “do as I say” and “not as I do” meme in the GOP reached an orgiastic climax after it was discovered that Elizabeth Lauten, the vile Republican congressional aide who excoriated the Obama daughters for their lack of “class,” was actually arrested for larceny during her own “awful teen years.”

Lauten, who gave her resignation earlier to perhaps spend more time being a vile hypocrite with her family, served as communications director for Rep. Steven Fincher (R-TN).  After the “mean girl’s” idiotic Facebook post created a firestorm of criticism, Lauten did what every sanctimonious and god-pimping Republican does and cited “many hours of prayer” to help her understand her post was wrong.

I think what she really meant was that she spent many hours praying that her former larceny charges wouldn’t come to light.

From court records compiled by the Smoking Gun:

Lauten, pictured above, was arrested in December 2000 for misdemeanor larceny, according to court records. Lauten, then 17, was collared for stealing from a Belk department store in her North Carolina hometown.

Because Lauten was a first-time offender, her case was handled via the District Court’s deferred prosecution program, which resulted in the charge’s eventual dismissal after the future scold stayed out of trouble for a prescribed period.

Since Lauten was just another teenager caught shoplifting at the mall, it appears unlikely that she was publicly pilloried for her lack of class, nor were her parents criticized as poor role models.

I now see how she rose through the ranks of the Republican Party; she understood that white people can steal things and not get shot to death.

Being arrested for larceny versus a little eye-rolling during a totally vacuous and redundant ceremony? Hmmm…what could possibly invoke more disgust there? The fact of the matter is that we were all awkward and unruly as teenagers (some of us still are) and had plenty of youthful indiscretions.

But when you start trashing teenage girls for simply looking bored like that American gymnast with a whole warehouse of freaking memes, you lose all credibility as a human being and will garner no sympathy for your previous screw-ups.

H/T: The Smoking Gun | Featured image courtesy of ABC7News 

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