GOP Senator: Single Moms Should ‘Find Someone To Support Them’ (VIDEO)

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has officially become the latest buffoon in a party of buffoons that is beginning to give buffoonery a bad name. After marrying into a wealthy family to support his political aspirations and rising to a U.S. Senate seat, Johnson’s true colors just came out when he gave single moms some advice on how to increase their take-home pay.

They should “find someone to support” them.

Conjuring the spirit of Saint Ronnie and the myth of the welfare queen, Johnson asserts that rather than having more children to increase the wealth of benefits that allow single mothers to live in the lap of luxury, simply find yourself a good man, ladies, and your problems will be solved.

Don’t push for income equality, that would be silly. Don’t continue the trend of more women furthering their education than men, that would be futile. Certainly don’t expect the extra $6 a day in food benefits to be your saving grace if you remove yourself from the workforce to have children for profit, you won’t get more steak and lobster.

No, clearly the only option a woman has is to marry well.

Whatever planet Senator Johnson lives on needs to recall him. Since the start of the great recession, the birth rate in America has dropped dramatically, because contrary to popular right-wing propaganda, people understand that children are, in fact, expensive, and no amount of government assistance is going to completely cover the cost of raising one.

The Senator also fails to recognize that half of Americans grow up in single-parent homes and that the majority of single mothers work full-time and receive little to no assistance from anyone.

Kudos, however, to the senator for showing so early in this year’s congress the kind of stupidity we can expect from the party of ignorance.

H/T: Daily KOS | Image: Huffington Post

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