GOP Senator Lashes Into Kellyanne Conway Over Trumpcare Lies And It Is Epic (VIDEO)

Despite how much the mainstream media and America has clearly communicated that no one is interested in what Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway has to say anymore, she unfortunately keeps finding ways to spread her alternative facts. Recently, Conway was caught lying about the American Health Care Act, the disastrous replacement to Obamacare – and even the GOP is pissed about it.

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According to Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Conway needs to shut up and sit down when it comes to the recently unveiled Republican health care bill. In an interview with CNN host Jim Scuitto, Cassidy trashed Conway for trying to speak for the Republican Party as a whole, and made it clear that she was merely the spokeswoman for Donald Trump, not the GOP. Scuitto asked Cassidy about Conway’s recent false statements:

“Over the weekend, Kellyanne Conway, spokesperson and surrogate for the White House, made a remarkable claim that there aren’t any Medicaid cuts in this bill. Is the GOP misleading Americans about what’s actually in this bill?”

Cassidy’s response could not have been any more fed up with Conway. Cassidy bluntly said:

“Kellyanne Conway is not the GOP.”

However, Scuitto argued that “She’s a very close spokesperson for the president and speaks for the president.”

Cassidy just shook his head and said, “I just can’t address that”, signaling that yet another Republican is ashamed beyond belief over Trump and his incompetent, dishonest team.

You can watch the interview below:

Conway had blatantly lied about there being no Medicaid cuts in the GOP’s new health care plan – there are actually substantial cuts being made to the program and they are being widely reported, particularly after the CBO has weighed in.

Conway’s lies yet again prove that she cannot be trusted, even after having previously banned from all reputable cable news shows. She obviously hasn’t learned her lesson.

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