GOP Senator And POTUS Hopeful Lindsey Graham Declares He Will Stage Military Coup On His First Day As President (AUDIO)

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is considered by many on the right to be one of the Senate’s leading experts on the military and the law surrounding the military. Indeed, to his credit, Graham is one of the rare republicans that actually did serve in the military, and for that, most Americans would proudly and rightly salute him for his service. But the bloom begins to come off the rose when you take a more opened eye to Graham’s career. Graham didn’t serve in the front lines or in any combat roles, even leadership ones. He was a lawyer for the Air Force. Furthermore, Graham, in his biography and elsewhere, has claimed that he is a “veteran of operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm” a.k.a. the first Gulf War.


This is what Graham actually did, according to his own “official” bio in 2010:

Graham logged six-and-a-half years of service on active duty as an Air Force lawyer.” After he left the active duty force, he joined the South Carolina Air National Guard. During the first Gulf War, Graham was called up to act as staff judge advocate at McEntire Air National Guard Base in South Carolina. As staff judge advocate, Graham’s duties “included briefing pilots on the law of armed conflict, preparing legal documents for deploying troops, and providing legal services for family members of the South Carolina Air National Guard.

Graham has since edited the bio, but it’s still not very impressive:

Graham compiled a distinguished record in the United States Air Force as he logged six-and-a-half years of service on active duty as an Air Force lawyer. From 1984-1988, he was assigned overseas and served at Rhein-Main Air Force Base in Germany. Upon leaving active duty Air Force in 1989, Graham joined the South Carolina Air National Guard where he served until 1995. During the first Gulf War in the early 90’s, Graham was called to active duty and served state-side at McEntire Air National Guard Base as Staff Judge Advocate where he prepared members for deployment to the Gulf region.

I guess freedom and liberty have nothing to fear as long as we have brave defenders of them like Lindsey Graham among us. <eye roll> Indeed, who knows under what tyranny we might be put under had our soldiers not been properly briefed before going into places like Iraq. . . where they might, I don’t know, be ordered to set up a prison system? It’s a good thing Senator Graham, still to this day is entrusting our nation’s finest to his tutelage so they don’t go over and do overly harsh, if not torturous things to detainees and he probably was sure not to take pictures of the acts, right? Oh wait. . . never mind.

But anyway, back to today, where Senator Graham, when he isn’t flying to Syria to meet with terrorists or signing illegal letters to the Republic of Iran, is on just about every news program virtually every day telling us all about how he knows better than everyone and exactly what they should do. Recently, on the campaign trail at a local event in Concord, New Hampshire, Graham announced that as his first act as President of the United States, he, the military legal expert, would stage a military coup on the Congress until they did his bidding.

He really did! Listen to the audio via

Vox noted that, while Senate leadership is legally authorized to employ Capitol police to assure a quorum, Graham’s apparent idea stretches far beyond that.

‘What Lindsey Graham is proposing is to physically force members of Congress to vote how he commands,’ Amanda Taub wrote. ‘His plan violates constitutional separation of powers in just about the most extreme way imaginable, by forcing the executive branch’s will on the legislature. And it is a pretty safe bet that Senate rules do not grant the president authority to have the 101st Airborne Division occupy the Capitol until Congress votes the way he wants.’

Graham made the remarks at the first “Politics and Pie” forum hosted by the Concord City Republican Committee. A nice friendly event except when future Dictator-Military Strongman Lindsey Graham announces his plans for domination for him and his defense industry donors that have filled his coffers year after year.

Seriously thoough, Graham announced over the weekend that he has “never sent an email,” on Meet The Press. So, of course, Graham sits on the Technology Committee in the Senate. Really? That would be like putting a guy who is a climate change denier in charge of committee that deals with the environment. Oh wait. . . let’s move on.

In addition to guiding the nation’s technology policy with the expertise that the typical first grader has with nuclear physics, Senator Graham plans to have an executive branch that rules by violent domination and the kidnapping/violent extortion of our Congress. This is what the GOP and their supporters consider a “military legal expert”? Forget President, I’d be worried if I was a soldier in trouble with the law and Graham was assigned to my case. On the other hand, I might thank my lucky stars if he was representing the prosecution.

H/T: RawStory and Vox | Featured Image via Minute Men News 

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