GOP Rep On House Floor: Time For Trump To Drop Out

It looks like Republicans are starting to turn on Donald Trump now that they realize he’s a Hitleresque fascist who may very well be their party’s nominee. First Paul Ryan denounced him, then Lindsey Graham denounced him, and then Chris Christie denounced him.

But another Republican took it a step further and has now called on Donald Trump to drop out of the race. Representative David Jolly of Florida, while speaking on the House floor, blasted Trump for imitating a religious test to enter the United States that profiles Muslims only:

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Mr. Speaker I rise to today to call on Donald Trump to withdraw his candidacy for the White House…It is time that my side of the aisle has one less candidate in the race for the White House. It is time for Donald Trump to withdraw from the race. We must always insist on a security test. But we must never require a religious test.

Jolly, who is a supporter of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, also said if Trump were to become President of the United States, people of faith like him would not be allowed to practice such faith openly:

I’m a born-again Christian. I believe in the saving grace of the Jesus Christ that I call my God. And the beautiful thing about this country is I can stand here on the House floor among my peers and in front of the nation and declare that faith without fear of any reprisal. But if Donald Trump has his way, we may not have the liberty to do that anymore.

If Republicans want to see what religious persecution looks like, they shouldn’t be looking at Obama, but rather at Trump. Good thing, at least one Republicans can see it. While Jolly ripped into President Obama (like all Republicans do), it was refreshing to see another Republican rightfully put Donald Trump in his place.

David Jolly will be running for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat in 2016. Perhaps Mr. Jolly is reaching for those moderate votes after the epic failure that is Marco Rubio.

Featured image a screen caption via Bay News

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