Creepy GOP Rep Asks Teens If They Are Virgins During Teen Lobbying Day

Teens on a lobbying and learning adventure in Olympia, Washington were shocked when a state representative, who requested an audience with them, decided to use the professional meeting to slut-shame, ask about their virginity and then proceeded to tell the teens exactly why her personal beliefs deny them the right to make their own choices.

Rachel Todd, an education specialist with Planned Parenthood accompanying the teens said:

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I’ve never been in any type of meeting, especially with teens, where an adult, especially an adult legislator, was so incredibly disrespectful and inappropriate.

Rep. Mary Dye (R), made an official request to meet with the group of teenagers from Eastern Washington High who were participating in Planned Parenthood’s annual Teen Lobbying Day.

The group of about a half-dozen teens were very disappointed with the “disrespectful and inappropriate” behavior of the lawmaker. After Dye told them exactly why she felt they had no business lobbying for what they wanted, she then proceeded to ask them if they were virgins. Of course, according to those in the meeting, the Republican could not resist also labeling a person she felt was not one. Slut shaming, from a position of authority, the vapid imbecile doesn’t seem to even realize it was wrong, though.

Todd also said:

After she made the statement about virginity, all of my teens looked at me and I said, ‘You don’t have to answer that. You don’t have to answer that.’

Of course, as adults, we know that these teens should never be treated as if their virginity were in any way related to their “worthiness,” “value,” or right to participate in our political process. Teens are entitled to the privacy of not being asked in public (or EVER, except by their  about their private lives, especially their sex lives, however, Dye had no problem not only invading their privacy but also denigrating their cause.

In a written statement, Dye said:

I appreciated their time and professionalism. I shared with them that I did not support the issues they were advocating for.

Following a conversation they initiated on birth control for teenagers, I talked about the empowerment of women and making good choices — opinions shaped by my mother and being a mother of three daughters

In hindsight, a few of the thoughts I shared, while well-intended, may have come across as more motherly than what they would expect from their state representative, if anything I said offended them or made them feel uncomfortable, I apologize.

“IF IT OFFENDED THEM?” Of course, it did. How could it not? An adult woman in an elected office should know better, as none of the teens in the meeting, that she herself requested, where her daughters. Even if they were, those questions are not for a public venue, and definitely not for yet another self-declared “mama-bear” style Republican to use as a twisted tool to brainwash teenagers from her position of authority.

Republicans just keep forgetting that we don’t sell virgins for goats anymore.

Feature image via Washington State Legislature

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