GOP Official Takes Out Ad, Puts Gays ‘On Notice’ That His ‘Christian’ Business Won’t Serve Them

A former Texas county GOP Chair has actually taken out a full page ad to declare himself, and his business, discriminatory and bigoted. The aim, it seems, is to find other bigots with whom to do business with and to capitalize on Texas’ famous bigotry.

Bob Flournoy, a 75-year-old lawyer, was the Angelina County Republican Party chair for over a decade until he stepped down in 2015. He is also a bigot who owns a retreat. A proud, loud, and in your face bigot who believes he has the right to force others to live by his religious beliefs. He also believes that his bigotry is protected by his faith, sadly and especially in Texas, to a certain extent it is.

His ad starts out sickly sweet and ends like an over-ripe, worm-filled melon hitting the floor. Not only does it insinuate that if you are gay, transgender, or in a non-religious union you are not an American, it clearly declares his intention to treat LGBT people differently than others based on their sexual orientation. Texas has no law protecting them, either, so that isn’t going to hurt him.

“My wife and I invite you to begin your American family at the most beautiful venue in East Texas. …”

But only if you aren’t gay, or trans, or anything else they don’t agree with:

“Our Christian faith demands that we not participate in same-sex, transgender or any other perversion of marriage. If you disagree with our stance on marriage, please respect our Christian belief and have your wedding elsewhere.”

The sick part, this is what he calls “putting the gay community on notice,” because ONE couple wanted to use his facility. One could only imagine the consequences if he also decided to put the mixed-race marriage community on notice, or declare that marriages between mixed faiths can not happen at his venue. However, in his mind, the LGBT community is fair game for his religious hysterics.

“I don’t want anyone to doubt where I stand, so I have taken out the attached ad in a prominent magazine called The Journey, and put the gay community on notice that they will have to get married somewhere else. They are not going to force me to violate my conscience and long held Christian beliefs.”

Flournoy wrote a guest column for the Lufkin News in 2012, and it really spells out who this guy is as a person. If you have ever been subjected to the twisted logic and hate filled rhetoric of a RWNJ troll on the internet, you will feel like you have met this guy already.

“Nov. 6, 2012, is a day that will go down in infamy. We have personally witnessed the demise of the greatest nation on earth. The script has been written. The curtain has been drawn for the third act of a play that was written by Karl Marx. The players are trained according to a play book written by Saul Alinsky called Rules for Radicals. We should not be surprised at the way it ends up. Still, we are shocked at how surreal it is watching the cataclysmic transformation of a nation from capitalism to socialism and then to communism. That is the third act. The death knell has sounded.”

He is nuts, apparently, but he is also a Christian supremacist who has been involved in politics for over a decade. One who is unaware that this country was founded not to foster any individual religion, but to offer Freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom to pursue happiness, and separation of church and state.

The column is concluded thusly, evoking images of Yosemite Sam screaming and jumping with a gun in one hand and a bible in the other:

“Thank God we live in Texas and I am particularly proud to live in Angelina County. We are still responsible for our families and our future. Let’s take the Bible, the Constitution and our guns and stand on them ’til hell freezes over, if necessary. We are in good company, right is on our side and we are Texans.”

Flournoy isn’t unaware, though, of the fact that in his area this form of bigotry can be profitable (especially in Texas) if the end of the blog posting that he wrote to accompany this ad is any indication.

“I need you to stand with me and all those Christian business people that have and will face the same assault. Help will only come from the Church of Jesus Christ and its members who are informed and committed Christians. Since the wedding venue is not my livelihood and I am a lawyer, I can stand more resolutely than most. Many, whose passion for the traditional family is the same as mine, desperately need help. Find out who they are and buy their products and services.”

Bigotry in this country is crawling out from under its rocks, religious texts, and Klan hoods. It is being flaunted, praised, and encouraged by the right wing as some perverted ideal of freedom (that is forcing others to be and live like you or GTFO).

But, like many of those who are so loudly screaming that they are being harmed by having to treat everyone like they are human and deserving of rights, these antiquated ideas are slowly dying out. And though it is Mr. Flournoy’s “right” to spread hate so callously, it is also ours to make sure that people know exactly who they are dealing with when they decide to avail themselves of his and other bigots.

From the New Civil Rights Movement:

“It looks like a few folks have taken to Yelp to get the word out, but Flournoy’s business still doesn’t have any negative reviews on or”

Watch a short video here: | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

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