GOP Nut Alan Keyes Calls President Obama A Serial Killer – Compares Him to Hitler And Stalin

Reminiscing through his 2004 campaign against Obama, low life conservative Alan Keyes bitterly writes in World Net Daily that it was during his U.S. campaign race, when he realized that Obama would be the “destruction of our people” and that the President possesses the same “self-worshiping” qualities as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The bonehead conservative obviously needs a history lesson because if the 21st century was anything like the Stalin and Hitler era, then America would become a fascist totalitarian state.

Keyes then shifts his unnecessary rant to Obama using the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a leverage to completely wipe out the second amendment.  He writes:

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Now the GOP’s quisling leaders in Congress are working to assure passage of a trade deal that reportedly includes provisions that will give cover to Obama’s ongoing circumvention of the laws on immigration; his persistent will to rip the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

Yet another false accusation from Keyes, who happen to, I don’t know..LOSE by a whopping 43 percent margin against Obama back in 2004. On the contrary, Obama is not opposed to the second amendment; in fact, President Obama strongly believes the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to bear arms, but he also believes in commonsense. As in, there are commonsense steps we can take to ensure the protection of our children and our communities. For example, we can eliminate any loopholes in our background check systems to ensure that no criminals or mentally unstable people would be allowed to buy a gun – a plan that is supported by 90 percent of Americans.

The conservative then goes on to say that Obama is “a harbinger of death,” like Hitler and Stalin.

I survey the evidence of Obama’s years in office, and the pattern of activity that emerges confirms my longstanding premonition that, like the hardline socialists of the 20th century, he is a harbinger of death, including the tragic death of the conscience, prosperity and just premises of my country.

By no means is Obama perfect, and while you may not agree with what he is doing, he isn’t trying to exterminate an entire race of people. You can hate the man, you can hate his policies, you can hate everything he stands for…but that doesn’t make him killer-like. This idea is ridiculously offensive, but then again, this is coming from the same man who thinks Obama wants a nuclear war in order to obtain his third term.

After his sales pitch about Obama being the devil, the conservative’s hateful piece finally comes to an end when he mentions how helpless American’s will be after Obama takes away their “unalienable rights.”

His [Obama’s] importation of foreign cadre into the United States religiously or ideological committed to the destruction of our people, our unalienable rights and the freedoms (like freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion) without which we will be helpless to articulate and/or organize to defend those rights.

The most amusing part about this entire piece is that Keyes doesn’t even make a valid argument to support his views; it is simply just ignorance. The most amusing part about ignorance is that it’s never based on facts or truth. I personally believe that the most Hitler-like people in the world are the ones who make comparisons like these. And if Obama is a dictator, he sure is an awful one.


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