GOP Lawmaker Writes A Bill To Appoint Free Lawyers…To Fetuses

Texas State Rep Matt Krause, (Republican, as if there were any doubt), has opened some barely healing wounds by introducing a new law that would provide representation for fetuses in court.

Stemming from the case of Marlise Muñoz, Krause said “You’ll hear what the family wants, and you’ll also give the pre-born child a chance to have a voice in court at that same time.”

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That translates to “I’m a boatload of crazy, and regardless what the family wants you’ll get to see pictures of fetuses after abortion and possibly a segment from the short film ‘A Silent Scream.'”

Marlise Muñoz was pronounced brain-dead after a fatal blood clot in November 2013 at 14 months pregnant.  Her family had to endure watching her decompose on a ventilator with a fetus that was nowhere near viable inside her for 2 months.

Because all life is precious.

The law proposed by Krause would require the state to appoint lawyers to fetuses in these types of cases.  Such a law would provide a precedent for “personhood,” which creates a very dangerous environment for pro-choice women in Texas, as if they weren’t already in a constant battle for the right to decide what to do with their lives and their bodies.

Marlise’s parents are mortified at the news, worried that other families will have to go through what they went through.  Her mother, Lynne Machado, told the Dallas Morning News:

To me that’s saying that my family was not looking out for the best interest of Marlise and the fetus.  We feel our actions and decisions were based on what was best for both of them.

Sorry, but in Texas, as in many other backwards red states, families aren’t allowed to decide what’s in the best interest of their loved ones when a zygote is involved.

Texas would rather see a child born deformed and brain-dead, after spending seven months not developing in what is essentially a corpse, than admit that in even one case a fetus is better off not being born.

They’ll call them “pre-born” or “fetal-American.”  They’ll be shuffled off to an institution on the taxpayer’s dime in the name of righteousness.

Texas definitely gets the nod for Derp of the Day.  Well done.

H/T: Think Progress | Image: Charles Topher

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