GOP Lawmaker: Our State Doesn’t Have The Death Penalty, So Citizens Need To ‘Clean Our Society’

A Wisconsin lawmaker actually called for concealed carry holders to become vigilantes, practice a lot, and aim carefully to murder “scumbags.” Why? Because the state doesn’t have the death penalty, but citizen murder should make criminals afraid again according to this man.

Bob Gannon (R), Wisconsin State Rep from Slinger, said:

Wisconsin does not have a death penalty law, but with significant practice and careful aim, law abiding citizens can help clean our society of these scumbags. Criminals no longer have any fear of our courts or our prisons, so it’s time that the citizens of this fine state stand up and fight back.

Gannon’s call for citizens to enforce the law by shooting to kill follows a non-fatal shooting at Madison’s East Towne Mall on Saturday. The shooting, which took place in a gun-free zone, involved a 19-year-old man who was shot in the leg after a weapon was fired during a fight between two groups of people.

Following GOP logic, the callous and thoughtless conservative argued the incident was proof that gun-free zones don’t work (because he said so, even though we know that shooters DO NOT seek out gun-free zones).

[This shooting] makes clear that the leftist theory that a gun symbol inside of a circle with a line through it does not make the citizens of this state safer. It is evident that the criminal whom shot off his pistol at the mall either couldn’t read the gun ban sign or he didn’t comprehend the universal symbol that is now referred to as a target rich environment.

Obviously, the solution to this problem, if you are a brainless cretin, is to turn citizens on a power trip loose with firearms and the intention to murder “scumbags.” Gannon, who is one of the worst examples of the idiocy on the right, is co-sponsoring a bill to end gun-free zones in WI so that regular everyday citizens can know the feeling of ending another person’s life.

His claim is that more people with guns will make “scumbags” think twice before they pull out their weapon in public places. However, bad guys are already aware that there is someone willing to shoot them, that is why they are armed. They live knowing their enemies are actually out to get them, police are out to get them, even their own can be out to get them. More concealed carriers out for their blood will scare them no more, and the general public no less. More guns out there aimed at them WILL NOT make them less likely to carry a gun. But, that is actual logic, and therefore outside of this moron’s grasp.

His idea of a rational and functional society includes the idea of mutually assured destruction with collateral damage nearly assured. How do you think he will feel when one of those concealed carry permit holders anciently shoots and kills the victim, or one of his friends children, in one of these situations?

Oh, I forgot, that is probably just a permissible loss of life in the exercise of one’s Second Amendment Rights to Gannon.

Feature image via Wikimedia Commons

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