GOP Lawmaker Encourages Poor-Shaming, Tells Constituents To Monitor Food Stamp Purchases

Poor-shaming has become a sporting event for Republicans since they discovered they can de-focus their base from the real issues America faces by encouraging them to hate the less-fortunate.

The deficit? Blame the poor. The national debt? Blame the poor. Bush crashing the economy with un-tethered war spending, giveaways to corporate donors, and tax breaks for the wealthy? Never happened, blame the poor.

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In an all-out battle on those dastardly hungry people, Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis) told a group at a town hall forum that it was time to amp up the pressure on the evil that is poverty. Daily KOS reported:

As the man most likely to someday usurp Rep. Louie Gohmert’s throne as America’s Dumbest Congressman, Wisconsin’s Rep. Glenn Grothman has some mighty big shoes to fill. I think he’s up to the challenge.

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Wis.) reportedly said at a town hall in his district last week that constituents should monitor purchases made with debit cards from Food Share, which is Wisconsin’s name for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Grothman “told the people in attendance to keep an eye on the types of things people on Food Share buy at the grocery store,” Oshkosh Northwestern Media reported Monday.

It’s unclear if the people of Wisconsin are supposed to carry little notebooks to keep track of how many boxes of sugar-coated cereal versus Shredded Wheat are purchased or if they should be completely indiscreet and whip out their phones to snap pictures of people who splurge on a pack of Oreos at the expense of all those hard-working ‘Muricans.

The typical right-wing nutjob, you know, hypocritical, underemployed and on public assistance, will be camping out at the local Supercenter to make sure people using EBT cards are wearing second-hand clothing and flip-flops, have no jewelry or cell-phones, and God forbid they drive away in anything other than a 1992 Ford Taurus.

There will be hell to pay.

One thing is for sure: If I were in line at a grocery store and some wingnut was taking notes of what I feed my family and judging me without knowing my personal circumstances, I’d smack him off his Hoveround and tear his Gadsden flag hat to pieces.

Congressman Grothman needs to check himself, lay off the poor and use his position to do some good.

Wait…Nevermind.  He’s a Republican.  He needs to just sit down and shut up.

H/T: FreakOutNation | Image: Wikipedia

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